"Rosa" Tassu-Tallin Cacao, BRI d 23, (Born in December 26, 1992) is the foundation queen of the Ruusutarhan cattery. Ruusutarhan means rosegarden's and as you can imagine the idea came from Rosa's name.


Tassu-Tallin Cacao, BRI d 23 (red mackerel tabby )

Rosa gave birth to one litter on March 27, 1996 with three kittens; Aurora BRI f, Alfonso BRI e and Adele BRI f. Father was EC Kontukatin Blue-Boy (BRI a).

EC Ruusutarhan Aurora

IP Ruusutarhan Alfonso

EC Ruusutarhan Aurora, BRI f (tortie)

IP Ruusutarhan Alfonso, BRI e (creme)

Aurora has had three litters: B-litter with Skattskistans Brilliant (BRI a) in 1998, C-litter with Rantatassun Aamukaste (BRI a) in 2001 and D-litter with Tassulähteen Io (BRI n) in 2002.



Ruusutarhan Bellina, BRI g (blue tortie)

IC Ruusutarhan Begonia, BRI f (tortie)

Ruusutarhan Cascemir, BRI e (cream), Cassandra, BRI g (blue tortie), Cosmo, BRI e (cream) & Corleone BRI a (blue)
Ruusutarhan D litter

The breeding queens of Ruusutarhan cattery are Aurora and Ruusutarhan Cassandra (BRI g). Ruusutarhan Dalia (BRI f) stayed home from the D-litter and will also have kittens in the future when she will be old enough. Ruusutarhan females are FeLV, FIV, PKD and Microsporum Canis negative.
Ruusutarhan Aurora (BRI f) and
Ruusutarhan Dalia (BRI f).
Ruusutarhan Cassandra (BRI g)
In the Ruusutarhan cattery lives also one magnificient neutered male "Roope" Tassu-Tallin Alvari, BRI a (Born in October 30, 1990 ) with semi-long hair.


Tassu-Tallin Alvari, BRI a with semi-long hair (blue)


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