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My family got our first pet dog in 1983. Wise and kind Norwegian Elkhound Bella was birthday present of my brother. My cousin Karoliina Järviaho (kennel Fuzzyball´s) had her first English Springerspaniel in 1987 and became interested in dogshows. Soon I started spending most of my weekends at dogshows with her. And there I fell in love with this wonderful breed.

After several years of begging and crying I got my first cocker in January 1991 from the wellknown Leavenworth-kennel. My sorrow was deep, when appeared that "Cadi" (Leavenworth Pink Cadillac) was unable to attend shows. We competed in obedience, but my passion for shows just growed more and more.

In January 1993 I was walking in the air: I had a new cockerpuppy "Mörri" (Sheerclever Terminator), my future showdog, from Tuija Kaipainen´s Sheerclever-kennel. FINALLY I could attend shows with my own cocker!!!

"Mörri" was a quite succesful puppy and youngster. He became Fin Ch right after his second birthday. And I started to dream of a little cocker bitch...

At the spring of 1995 my dream came true: Tuija Kaipainen trusted me with a co-ownership of her promising black bitch puppy "Myy" (Sheerclever Chardonnay). She turned out to be a great showdog and now I had something to start my breeding with.

I had my prefix 1996, right before "Myy´s" first litter. Great Escape is the name of my favorite band's (Blur) record, but it has also a bit more deeper meaning to me:

I have always been taking things a bit too seriously, especially as a teenager. The hole world and all the people seemed unbearable to me. I feld that my only reason to keep on were my irreplaceable dogs. They were (and still are!) my great escape from this world. Only with them the world is what I want it to be: kind, peacefull and loving... Just perfect.

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