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Sheerclever Chardonnay


Sheerclever Chardonnay
Photo by Taru Väyrynen

Breeder and co-owner Tuija Kaipainen

Hips B and eyes clear

Sheerclever Chardonnay


08.01.1995 - 04.03.2007 

Love of my life. No more, no less. I would have loved to keep her forever and ever, but we all know it´s impossible... 

I was very privileged to share 12 years with "Myy". She truly set the bar high for the cockers following in her footsteps in every way. As painful and hard as it was to let her go I´ll never forget to be grateful for having this True Cocker in my life; I´m sure that everyone who ever met her knows what I mean by that. 

"Myy" was my sweet little princess. She had the most wonderful and loving nature with a heart of pure gold. She was very easy to live with and she got along with everybody. Her meaning to me can´t be described by words.

MERITES: BIS-winner, multiple groupwinner and many groupplacements. C.c´s and cacib´s from five countries.

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