Great Escape Wild Goose Chase
Great Escape Wild Goose Chase
Photo by Eva Bensky

14.2. Great Escape Shut the Duck Up BOB- and BIS 4 -puppy at Tallinna International Show. Congrats Tyra and Heli!

31.1. Puppies are here! A One´s Teodora delivered 4 puppies: 2 black girls, black boy and blue roan boy. Click here to have more information.


10.1.10 Good start for the year 2010: 7 months old Great Escape Shut the Duck Up "Tyra" won BOB and BIG-4 at Helsinki All Breed Puppy Show, the judge was Juha Palosaari. Congratulations to Tyra and Heli!


NEWS 2009

12.12.09 A day to remember! A One´s Teodora wins best bitch at Finnish Winner Show, and is thus also Finnish Winner 2009. Her son Great Escape I´m with Stupid was third in Champion dogs.

11.12.09 Puppies have found their homes. Good luck with those three little rascals, and keep in touch!


6.12. A One´s Teodora again best bitch and BOS, this time at Tampere under Juha Kares.

1.12. A One´s Teodora is mated by charming Swedish dog C.I.E. S(u) Ch & N Ch SV-07 BSG-08 Line Sam Hot Black Pepper. "Peppe" was Cocker of the Year 2006 in Sweden and Best Gundog (FCI 8) of the year 2008. I´m very much hoping for puppies at the end of January 2010. More information about this litter here.

My special thanks to Katri, Outi, Antti and Taru for your irreplaceable help!

2.12. Good news: Great Escape Shut the Duck Up is PRA-prcd Clear!

22.11. Great Escape The One did it again! 1st prize and almost full row of 10´s from Open Class obedience test. "Pallo" was 3rd in Class of 11 competitors. I´m impressed.

Great Escape Foolish Dream made today her second agility start: clear run, and also 3rd place. Well done girls, again!

17.11. Great Escape Cometh I has HD B.

13.10. News from Laboklin: Great Escape Wild Goose Chase is PRA-prcd Carrier.


1.11. Great Escape Foolish Dream made an agility debut with her young, and obviously very talented owner Ninni Mäkäräinen at Järvenpää today. Of two starts they made two clean runs, and need now only one more 0-result for transfer to Class 2. Very welldone girls!!!


25.10. A One's Teodora made a smashing comeback after maternity leave at Finnish Spaniel Association Annual Speciality: best bitch and BOS (among 107 adults), and later Klara became 2nd in Best-BOS-in-Show! What a great surprise, since we went there with zero expectations. But that wasn't even all: phone call from Norway confirmed that Klara's son Great Escape I'm with Stupid got CAC and he's now also Norwegian Champion! 6th Ch-title for Klara's offspring this year... THANKS Vendela!


20.10. Great Escape Lucille Ball gave birth 1 dog and 2 bitches. More information here.

20.9. Obedience test in Pori: Great Escape The One gained 1st prize in Open Class with nice points (176/200). Way to go girls!

6.9. Happy birthday to me: What a GREAT b-day present to a tired, old breeder at Ruovesi tracking test: Great Escape Eight Ball got 1st prize (45/50 points) from Open Class after a fine performance and refreshing mud bath AND Great Escape Cometh I made his tracking debut also in Open Class with style: 1st prize (48/50 p.). A One´s Teodora got 3rd prize from Winner Class. Congratulations to Jenni, Outi and talented boys!!!

30.8. Liesjärvi tracking test: A One´s Teodora 3rd prize from Winner Class.

24.8. Klara´s puppies Great Escape Shut The Duck Up and Great Escape As The Crow Flies have found new homes. Great Escape Wild Goose Chase stays here with her mum.

23.8. Ruovesi Tracking test: A One´s Teodora 2nd prize from Winner Class. At the same day Great Escape Poetry Revisited was 4th best male with res-CAC at Heinola All Breed Show. Well done Nuuti and Jaana!

21.8. Great Escape Lucille Ball is mated by Perchwater Magic Wizard Of Oz.

8.8. Great Escape Swings with Jazz was 4th at the Finnish Cocker Spaniel Club's Agility Championships. And Great Escape Follow Me Please was 5th at the same competition! Congrats to Eva & Jazzy and Asko & Lyyli!

18.-19.7. Road trip to Oulu: Two International Shows at the same weekend with Great Escape I´m with Stupid. At Saturday "Chuck" went BOB with CAC and Cacib, and became Finnish and International Champion! Sunday he was 2nd best dog with res-CAC. A One´s Teodora´s offspring has now gained 5 Champion titles this year, I´m very proud!


7.7. Great News from Laboklin: Great Escape Lucille Ball is prcd-PRA Clear!


4.7. Nice day at Tuusula All Breed Show: BaltJw-06 TK1 Great Escape The One wins final CAC for her Fi Ch title under John Thirlwell. Huge congratulations to Niina and Pallo!

28.6. Great Escape I`m With Stupid and G. E. Eight Ball made their debut tracking test in Ruovesi. Both got 3rd prize from Open Class, with nice critiques. Hopefully we`ll see more tracking results of these boys later this summer.

14.6. At Latvia Riga International Show Great Escape Forever More: best dog and BOS with CAC and Cacib, and is now International and Latvian Champion. Thanks Venla!

13.6. At Latvia Riga International Show Great Escape Forever More: 2nd best dog, res-Cacib

10.6. A One´s Teodora give birth 3 lovely blue roan girls.

17.5. Great news from Hamina: Great Escape Poetry Revisited 2nd best dog with CAC, handled and groomed by his owner Jaana Patrikainen. Well done you both!

16.-17.5. Kirkkonummi agility competition: Jazzy won both her classes with clean runs, got an agility CAC and was transfered to small class 3. The day after Jazzy made her debut in small class 3 and got clean runs from her both competitions!

13.5. Great Escape Forever More tracks his second 1st prize from Open Class, and moves to Winner Class! VERY well done Venla and Floyd!!


3.5. Our tracking season started today: Great Escape Forever More got 2nd prize from Open Class, points 35/50.

25.4. Nice trip to Lahti Int. Show: Great Escape Poetry Revisited won Working Class, and brother Great Escape Forever More was 3rd best dog. Mother Klara went best of breed. This was Klara´s last show for a while I hope..


9.4. Fingers crossed for puppies: A One´s Teodora is mated! More information here.

15.3. We had again lovely time at Tampere International show. A One´s Teodora renew her BOB-win from last year, and later ended up 3rd in group finals.

1.3. Great Escape The One gains her 3rd first prize from obedience test with lovely points: 186/200. This was the best result in the Beginners Class in the test. Pallo got also a training label TK1 and she´ll continue her obedience career in Open Class (soon I hope :P). Biggest congrats to Pallo and Niina!

31.1. A One´s Teodora was attending Finnish Champions of Champions Gala today. Klara really enjoy her time on the red carpet and in the limelight, and showed herself with amazing attitude. In this competition of the Finnish top show dogs of 2008 she was among the four best ones!!! Truly a night to remember (although I had the most awful flu)! Thanks for a very nice and relaxed evening to Eva, Heidi, Vilma, Taava, Tuuli and Tarja.

31.1. Cocker of the Year 2008 A One´s Teodora is also All Around Cocker of the Year 2008 in Finland! Klara had highest combined points from 3 shows and 3 working tests (in this case from tracking tests). I´m very proud because of Klara´s historical achievement :).


24.1.09 Int&Fin&S&Est Ch BaltW-06 A One's Teodora wins CAC, BOB and BIS-2 at Stoholm, Denmark. And she is now also Danish and Nordic Champion. Biggest thanks to Tuija for all your help and hospitality!

18.1.09 Great Escape The One started this year by winning her second CAC at Teuva. Thank you Niina for showing "Pallo", and of course: congratulations!!!


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