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13.12.08 Our Great Year was culminated today: Multi Ch A One's Teodora is The Cocker of the Year 2008 in Finland!!! Klara won both Finnish Cocker Club's and Finnish Spaniel Association's competitions. Klara ended her year as a 2nd best bitch in Finnish Winner Show under Tord Lundborg.

My biggest Thank You to all who congratulated us and celebrated with us today! It was lovely to see so many friends there at the same time. And it's probably needless to say that my heartfelt thanks goes to Klara's breeder Ann Swärd, who is this year celebrating two Cocker of the Year's, Klara in Finland and Klara's half sister Bling-Bling (A One's Fingers Crossed) in Sweden. That's something to aiming for :D!


6.12.08 Great Escape Forever More got his last CAC from Tampere and he is now Finnish Champion!!! Thanks Vendela for showing Floyd, and HUGE congratulations too.


26.11.08 I gave myself a good kick in the *ss, and updated these pages! I´m not lazy. I´m just incredibly buzy :P.

19.11.08 Great Escape Swings with Jazz has HD A.

19.10.08 Great day at Finnish Spaniel Association´s Annual Show! Great Escape I´m with Stupid was Best of Breed and later also Best in Show!!! Breed Judge was Andrew Jones (kennel Shenmore) and BIS-judge was Maria Ceccarelli (kennel Pulcinella). Biggest congratulations to Chuck´s owner Vendela!

11.10.08 Kirkkonummi agility competition: Great Escape Swings With Jazz was 1st with a clean run (small class 2). Congrats to Eva & Jazzy!!

28.9.08 This year´s last tracking test in Sauvo: 2nd prize from Winner Class for Klara, but definitely the lamest performance this year. So we have now some training to do before next years tracking competitions.

Great Escape Eight Ball passed field test only 9 months and 1 day old. Very impressive! Congratulations to "Kasi" and his devoted owner Jenni!

14.9.08 Porvoo All Breed Show: A One´s Teodora BOS.

6.9.08 Helsinki All Breed Show: A One´s Teodora BOS

4.9.08 Great Escape But Not for You gave birth 2 black puppies, a boy and a girl!

31.8.08 Tracking competition in Liesjärvi: A One´s Teodora 2nd prize/34 points from Winner Class, but very promising performance, I´m very pleased for that, although Klara made one mistake.

30.8.08 Vantaa agility competition: Great Escape Swings With Jazz was again 1st with a clean run and got transfered to small class 2, having participated in only four competitions! Congrats to Eva & Jazzy again!!

24.8.08 A One´s Teodora makes a GREAT accomplishment in a tracking competition in Ruovesi: 1st prize/47 points from Winner Class!!! I´m so very proud of her!

23.8.08 Espoo agility competition: Great Escape Swings With Jazz participated in her third agility competition which was also the Cocker Spaniel Club's Championship competition. She was 1st with a clean run and won the Cocker Spaniel Club's award for Best Newcomer 2008 (combined small and medium Cockers) and was 4th of all the competing Cockers! Congrats to Eva & Jazzy!! 

19.8.08 Porvoo agility competition: Great Escape Swings With Jazz "Jazzy" participated in her second agility competition (small class 1) and was 3rd with a clean run. Welldone Eva & Jazzy!

17.8.08 Heinola All Breed Show: A One´s Teodora BOS and her son Great Escape Poetry Revisited 4th best dog with res-CAC. Congrats to Jaana!


10.8.08 I’m (almost…) out of words. A One’s Teodora keeps amazing me weekend after weekend, and I’m so proud of every thing she has achieved this year. At Saturday we drove to Vesilahti where breed specialist Merja Järnstedt (kennel Norvale) was judging. Klara went Best of Breed and later 2nd Best of Group (huge integrated group of FCI 7+8). Klara’s daughter Great Escape But Not for You made her debut and won the Intermediate Class.

And today we had 20 minutes drive (what a luxury!) to Helsinki All Breed Show where Klara won her 9th Best of Breed this year under Rony Doedijns, and she was also placed 3rd in Group by Eeva Rautala.

But that wasn’t all our success for this weekend: Great Escape Forever More won today 1st prize (Open Class, 45/50 points) from blood tracking test at Elimäki! Congrats to Vendela again, I’m so VERY proud of you two!


4.8.08 Great Escape But Not for You will have puppies at week 36 :)

1-3.8.08 What a weekend! I and Klara traveled at Thursday to Kuopio for three International Shows. The trip was just great: at Friday Klara was best of breed under Darren Bowey and she did it again at Saturday when Per Iversen was judging! Later at Saturday Klara was also 3rd best in Group 8, judged by Tamas Jakkel (kennel Black Mirage).

At Sunday we didn’t have any big success at Kuopio, but same time at Helsinki Klara’s son Great Escape I’m with Stupid followed his mother’s example and went best of breed and 3rd best in group 8. Huge congrats to Vendela!!!

Thanks for the lovely weekend to Vilma (the best kennel girl ever!) and Iva :).

25.8.08 Great Escape Was Here and his sister G.E. But Not for You past their field tests with style. Thank you Tiina!

20.7.08 As unbelievable as it sounds… A One’s Teodora did it again: Best of Breed and Best in Group at Ypäjä All Breed Show. She is just amazing! Her son Great Escape Was Here made his debut and ended up as a 3rd best dog with res-CAC. Also Great Escape Cometh I was first time in show ring handled with style by his owner Outi Ellillä.


7.7.08 Great Escape But Not for You is hopefully having puppies at September by Claramand Serious Black JW. More information here.

5.7.08 Another great day for us at Mikkeli National All Breed Show: Great Escape Poetry Revisited was 2nd in Working Class after one year show break with lovely critique. Rarely shown G. E. Dream Believer showed herself with such a style and merriness, that she ended up as 3rd best bitch with (her first) CAC! Congrats to her dedicated owner Antti Vesivalo and special thanks to Niina Putkuri for handling “Pamela” in Best Bitch competition. G.E. The One was also in Working Class and she was 4th with excellent.

As happy as I was for all of these great results, my day was again finalized by A One’s Teodora. She won the breed and also the FCI Group 8. I was touched for her critique written by the breed and group judge Ricky Loch-Romans:

“5 years old bitch. From nose to tail everything I like to see in a cocker. High society. Merry, happy, cobby, sound. Movement is excellent.”

29.6.08 Klara’s first tracking competition in Winner Class at Ruovesi went fairly well for a first timer and she got 2nd prize. Klara’s young daughter G. E. Swings with Jazz made her tracking debut in Open Class and as her mom she got 2nd prize also. Well done Jazzy and Eva!

28.6.08 Great news from Estonia: G. E. I’m with Stupid was Best of Breed at Pärnu International Show with CAC and Cacib!


7.6.08 We had a wonderful day at Finnish Cocker Club’s Speciality. Beside the lovely weather we also had great success this year. Dogs and puppies were judged by Mr Michael Gadsby (kennel Afterglow) and bitches were judged by Mr Michael Parkinson (kennel Dillonpark). Five moths old Great Escape Monster’s Ball made his debut and was 3rd in his class and his
sister G. E. Lucille Ball won her class. G. E. I’m with Stupid ended up as a 4th best dog with res-CAC, which I was very pleased.

But that wasn’t all… A One’s Teodora, my dear funny little “Klara”, complete The Day by winning all the bitches and finally the whole show. I’m still quite astonished about this all, but very happy and proud of course! The amount of joy and happiness Klara has brought to my life is immeasurable, not just being a beautiful show dog, but making my life so much enjoyable just being here with me every day. All our results and some pictures from here.

Last but not least I’m VERY proud to tell, that Klara’s clever daughter G. E. The One won again first prize from the obedience test (161 points) at Heinola today. Welldone Niina and “Pallo” (even the hangover cannot stop you :P)! 

30.5.08 Great Escape The One “Pallo” won first prize (179,5/200) from the obedience test at Orimattila with her owner Niina Putkuri. Pallo was also the 2nd best dog at Beginners Class. Way to go girls (and of course we want some more…)!

24.5.08 Nice visit at Helsinki International Show: Great Escape Forever More won the Working Class and was 3rd best dog with res-CAC. A One’s Teodora was 4th best bitch.


18.5.08 A One's Teodora's tracking season starts officially at  Virttaa: 1st prize (44/50 points) from Open Class and she shifts to the Winners Class! Here's Klara's critique wrote by judge Juhani Heikniemi:

"The start is pointed out to Klara, and she begins a bustling tracking at a brisk speed. Klara works with both air and ground scent. Throughout the first section Klara does check-up rounds and marks the first angle. During the second section she does small check-ups on both sides of the track, then marks the second angle. At the end of the third section ends up quite far from the track, but finds the way back. Handler prompts her dog when ever needed. Klara points out the prey by sniffing it."

14.5.08 Great Escape Made by Mistake gave birth a one black dog puppy. Both Siiri and the puppy are doing well.

4.5.08 Great Escape Forever More makes his tracking debut with fine result: 2nd prize (35/50) from Open Class :). Congrats to Floyd and Vendela!


18.4.08 Great Escape I´m with Stupid started this year with style: res-CAC, CAC and BOB from Junior Class at Sysmä and Loviisa. Congrats Venla :D!


30.3.08 What a day! At Korpilahti son Great Escape Forever More was BOS with CAC, mother A One´s Teodora was BOB, Best In Group and Best In Show 2!!! Thanks Venla for keeping me awake during this long day... 


16.3.08 A One´s Teodora back in business after 6 months break: BOB, Cacib and BIG 2 at Tampere International Show! Sofus Footlights was 4th best dog. Read more here...

13.3.08 Fin Ch Great Escape Made By Mistake was mated to Great Escape Was Here. Puppies expected at week 20.


27.12.07 Parti-coloured puppies are here! "Pallo" and puppies are doing fine. 


9.12.07 What a superb day: Sofus Footlights was best dog at Finnish Winner Show (his 2nd show!) and thereby "Lewis" is now both Finnish Junior Winner -07 and Finnish Winner -07!


15.11.07 Sofus Footlights has HD A/A.


10.11.07 We have puppies! Great Escape Dream Believer gave birth 4 puppies, read more at Puppypage.


27.10.07 BaltJW-06 Great Escape The One was mated to Bleper´s Step By Step. Parti-coloured (blue roan, orange roan and blue roan tan) puppies will hopefully born at week 52. Read more from Puppypage

BaltJV-06 Great Escape The One astutettiin Bleper´s Step By Step´llä. Kirjavia (blue roan, orange roan ja blue roan tan värisiä) pentuja odotetaan syntyväksi viikolla 52. Lue lisää pentusivuilta. 

13.10.07 Agility competition in Kirkkonummi: Great Escape Follow Me Please "Lyyli" and Miia Ristola got their third 0-result from medium 2 -class and moved to medium 3 -class!! Well done Miia, Asko and Lyyli!!!!!!!!! 

6.10.07 Great Escape Shoot To Thrill was best dog with Cacib and BOS at Rostock Int. Congratulations to his owners Mr. and Mrs. Christensen.

9.9.07 Great Escape Swings With Jazz passed the field test at Espoo. Well done Eva and Jazzy!!!

7.9.07 Great Escape Dream Believer was mated to Sofus Footlights. Puppies (black and maybe also red and black&tan) will be born at week 45.

Great Escape Dream Believer on astutettu Sofus Footlights´lla. Mustia sekä mahdollisesti myös punaisia ja black&tan -värisiä pentuja odotetaan syntyväksi viikolla 45.

4.9.07 Great Escape Dream Believer, Great Escape Was Here and Sofus Footlights had their eyes checked clear.


26.8.07 What great day it was for us! First both Venla´s boys Great Escape Forever More and Great Escape I´m With Stupid (just 9 months old!!) passed the field test at Espoo. And then the mother of these boys, A One´s Teodora, gained first price (41 points) in open class in blood tracking test at Ruovesi! She truly made me proud and happy (once again).

In Klara´s critique judge Heikki Kulo wrote: "Eager start. Right at the beginning wide direction checks. Klara progresses in a fussy manner, therefore going from one side of the track to another. First angle well, marking the wound bed. Cuts the second angle, continues on to the third section of the track, comes back to check the end of the second sections but doesn´t find the second wound bed, instead finds a scent of the third section again. The end of third section tracking is more exact, finds the dead animal, which Klara stops to sniff. Klara tracks very enthusiastically, she needs yet more concentration to her assignment."

25.8.07 "Tessa" (Great Escape Merely Mine) and Miia Ristola came in third at the Finnish Cocker Spaniel Association´s Agility championships! Welldone girls :).


19.8.07 Great Escape The One wins her first CAC at Punkaharju! Welldone Niina and Pallo!!!

18.8.07 Great Escape The One makes her debut at obedience ring and with nice results she gains 2nd prize in the beginners class. Smart girl or a hard working owner :D? Well, any how we are very proud! 


12.8.07 A One´s Teodora BOS/CACIB at Joensuu International and Great Escape Swings With Jazz was BOB-puppy and BIG 4-puppy at Helsinki all breed Puppy Show! Congrats to Eva and "Jazzy"! 

22.7.07 Great Escape The One back in show rings at Pello All Breed Show: 2nd best bitch with res-CAC, thanks Niina :).

28.7.07 Agility competition in Mikkeli
Great Escape Follow Me Please "Lyyli" and Asko Nissinen got 0-result with placement 1. from medium 2-class. Congrats to Asko and "Lyyli"!!!


10.7.07 A very long, wet, windy and cold trip to nothern Sweden is now behind us. Beside that awful weather the trip was great: A One´s Teodora won CAC at Piteå 7.7. and is now Swedish Champion. She was also 3rd best working class dog in show. We were lucky to meet Klara´s gorgerous brother A One´s Toreador "Tore" and his owners Anna and Stefan, which was one of the best parts of the trip. Hopefully we´ll meet you soon again!  

There were 8.7. International show at Piteå too, and as a total (but lovely!) surprise I met there Great Escape Shoot To Thrill "Felix" and his owner Lisbeth Christensen from Denmark. Felix was 2nd best dog with res-cacib, Congratulations! 

A big thanks to Akane and "Pelle" (maybe a little bit to "Kevin" too...;) for a nice trip and congrats to "Pelle" for her S Ch -title!


Last weeks show results: A One´s Teodora BOS and Cacib at Rovaniemi Int., Great Escape In My Dreams 4th best bitch at Tuusula and Great Escape Forever More CAC and Res-cacib (--> Cacib!!!) at Pärnu Int.! Congratulations Veera and Venla!!!

16.6.07 Fin& Est Ch BaltW-06 A One´s Teodora is now INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION after winning BOS/Cacib at Kotka Int. Show. I´m very happy and proud of my precious girl and I also wish to congratulate Klara´s breeder Ann Swärd for A One´s first Int Ch!!!

9.6.07 Our results from Finnish Cocker Clubs Annual Show at Kellokoski.

Health results: A One´s Teodora and her son Great Escape Poetry Revisited both FN-clear (Optigen), thanks Jaana! Litter sisters G.E. Let Me Kiss You and G.E. The One both HD A and clear eyes, congrats to Anna-Mari and thank you Niina for your help :) ! 

20.5.07 Results from Helsinki Int. Show...

28.4.07 Results from Lahti Int. Show...


Great Escape Merely Mine "Tessa" and her owner Miia Ristola got their 1st 0-result (with placement 1.) from medium 1-class in Järvenpää. Welldone Miia and Tessa!!!


Sheerclever Chardonnay
Very very sad news: I had to let my faithful companion and dearest friend Sheerclever Chardonnay "Myy" go. After her 12th birthday her condition (spinal arthrosis) got so bad, that I had to make the hard decision to put her down. My heart is totally broken, but I know I was very privileged to have this amazing, most kind hearted and loving little dog in my life. Thank you Tuija for trusting her to me 12 years ago!


Presenting our young hopes... Boys Great Escape Was Here & Great Escape I´m With Stupid and girls Great Escape But Not For You & Great Escape Swings With Jazz


Our first cocker Leavenworth Pink Cadillac In Memoriam.


21.11.06 A One´s Teodora gave birth 8 black puppies, 4 dogs and 4 bitches. Both dam and puppies are doing fine. More information and pictures soon...

Agility News!
12.11.06 Great Escape Follow Me Please "Lyyli" and Asko Nissinen got their third 0-result from medium 1-class in Tampere and are now in medium 2-class!! Huge congrats to Asko and Lyyli!!! 


31.10.06 A One´s Teodora will have puppies, she has already a BIG tummy...

Agility News!
22.10.06 Great Escape Follow Me Please "Lyyli" and Asko Nissinen got their first 0-result from medium 1-class in Helsinki, and a week later 29.10. they made 0-result again in Helsinki! Welldone Asko and Lyyli!!!!

21.10.06 Litter brothers Great Escape Fool Proof and Great Escape Who´s Foolin´Who made show debut at Hyvinkää Finnish Spaniel Club´s Speciality. G.E. Fool Proof won his class and G.E. Who´s Foolin´Who was second. Fool Proof was also BOS-puppy :). Both boys showed themselves with style. Congrats to Vilma, Simo and Tiia! 


A One´s Teodora will be mated later this week with a LOVELY solid male. For more information click here.

Show news from Hyvinkää Group Show...


Lots of GREAT news:

3.9.06 Great Escape Forever More "Floyd" got his first CAC from Helsinki all breed show!!! Huge congrats to Venla & family :D!

3.9.06 Agility News: Great Escape Made By Mistake "Siiri" and her owner Taru Väyrynen got SM 0-result from medium 3-class in Mäntsälä.

27.8.06 Litter sisters G.E. The One and G.E. Poetry Revisited was qualified on the field today at Vierumäki! Welldone Niina & Pallo and Jaana & Nuuti!

23.8.06 A One´s Teodora´s offsprings first health results: Great Escape Poetry Revisited HD A, eyes ok, patella 0/0, Great Escape Calls Your Bluff HD A, eyes ok, patella 0/0, elbows 0/0. Congratulations and THANKS Jaana and Laura!

20.8.06 Great Escape Made By Mistake 3rd best bitch at Heinola....

19.8.06 Yippiiiii!!! Third CAC, BOS and Fin Ch to Great Escape Made By Mistake at her 11th show :D Biggest congratulations to Siiri´s owner Taru Väyrynen. Read more from Results...

13.8.06 Great Escape The One 2nd best bitch with res-CAC at Pyhäselkä handled by her co-owner Niina Putkuri. Welldone!!!

5.8.06 All puppies have left now. Great Escape Fool Proof "Bruce" went today at his new home. He will be owned and loved by Vilhelmiina and Simo Lamminpää; wishing you the best of luck with this charming little boy :).


Optigen News: Great Escape Let Me Kiss You and Great Escape Calls Your Bluff are both Normal/Clear!! Thank You Anna-Mari and Laura for testing them.

What a great weekend we had! A One´s Teodora is now Fin&Est Ch and also BaltW-06, and Great Escape The One is BaltJW-06. Read more here...

A One´s Teodora Best of Breed in Lahti International! Read more here.

Ultra sound confirmed that Great Escape Dream Believer WILL have puppies! At least 5 puppies are expected to be born week 19. 

Optigen news: litter sisters Great Escape The One, Forever More and Poetry Revisited are all carriers.

Great Escape The One "Pallo" found a loving home with Niina and Eetu. Wishing the best of luck (and lot of action;)!

After some grooming, washing and blow drying we finally took some photos of our handsome young lad Great Escape Forever More "Floyd". Take a look at him by his own site.

New showresults from Tampere International Show from here.


Puppy News!!! 
Great Escape Dream Believer mated 11.3. with a gorgeous male. Needless to say, I´m super exited about this litter. Thank you Jaana for this opportunity!


Agility News! 
18.2. Agility competition in Kirkkonummi
Great Escape Made By Mistake "Siiri" and her owner Taru Väyrynen got two 0-results from medium 3-class!!!


Great Escape The One "Pallo" and her brother Great Escape Poetry Revisited "Nuuti" made their show debut at Lahti All Breed Puppyshow. Read more here...


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