Elite 3 - First Encounters  
  Year: 1995
By: Gametek
Genre: Simulator
Similiar: Elite,
Size: 2 mb
Manual: -
Walkthru: -
Box Cover: 78 kb

  This game brings tears into my eyes. How was it possible to destroy the great concept of
Frontier with this game?! Why did they do it - why?!? Even David Braben himself, creator
of Elite (with Ian Bell) and Frontier admitted that this game was a huge flop - and he didn't
mean the commercial aspect! They did so many things wrong with this game that I can't
even list them all. The game itself is based on Frontier and tries to be a sequel to it. Bringing
in a real background-plot, featuring better graphics - yes, this could really have been a
fantastic game. The game of games so to say.

But - oh - what did they do to it? The fights are nearly impossible since every small tip you
give to the joystick makes your ship spin far too much. So, forget about the joystick, let's
turn over to the mouse - erm... yes... that's possible, but still not comfortable. And then
there's this menu - it sure looks better than the original Frontier-menu, but why the hell to
they put the writings over it?! How am I supposed to click on an item when they display
star-date and time as well as some other more or less unimportant facts right over half of
just those icons? Don't let yourself fool ya by the screenshot - that date will be scrolled up
when there are other things to report and there ARE other icons below it sometimes.

Ah well. If you are a Frontier-addict like I am you owe it to yourself to at least try this one.
I've heard of a few people actually liking this game. Hard to understand for me. I lost
almost every space-fight in this one - and F*** - I am Elite in Frontier and this time every
rotten pirate is able to shoot me down? Confusing controls, maybe that's the reason, but I
don't really want to click through menus when there's a missile fired at me - no thank you, sir!

After long lawsuit Braben finally has started making elite 4, lets hope that it wont be published