Elite 2 - Frontier  
  Year: 1993
By: Gametek
Genre: Sim
Similiar: First Encounters
Size: 502 kb
Manual: 30 kb
Walkthru: -
Box Cover: 15 kb

  This sequel to elite was dissepointment to some elitefans, some just loved it. Better graphics and sounds
made this game more interesting to play. You start the game with spaceship and 100 credits. Next thing
to do is decide what to do for living: Trade, work as space taxi, assasin, mining, miilitary or maybe even
pirate? Opportunities are almost infnite. Galaxy is huge, there are thousands of planets to visit. You'll
have to think a bit what system you can visit, pirates are not welcome in any other systems than those
with anarchy as goverment... When you have more money, you can buy yourself a better ship and
weaponry. Biggest ships can even mount weapons capable of destroying planets (Ok, who destroyed
sol again?)

Games problems come from its emptyness, galaxies are huge, but look quite same as others. There is no
plot and even thorgoids are missing, so wandering around will get boring after a while...

Good or Bad? It's up to you to decide