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Gas masks

First years...

The gasmasks that were used in Finland in 1920s were Russian and German models. The one in the picture is Russian mask called "Selinski". In 1929 Finland had 87 500 of these Russian masks, but they were already out-of-date. Despite of that the Army had to use them in Winter War.


This is the first Finnish made gasmask model and it was especially meant for infantry units. Army Depot 1 (AV1) made a sample lot of 2 000 pieces of these masks. After the prototype had been accepted, the production was started in Suomen Gummitehdas (Nokia), Tammer Oy and Para Oy. This mask has been made in three sizes, the size is marked to the mask by numbers: 1 is large, 2 is medium and 3 is small.

The filter m/30 was too heavy and ineffective so it was replaced with m/34 and m/41 filters, that were better in filtration effect.

In 1939 Finland had 220 000 m/30 gasmasks.

The bag is made of thick canvas, it has shoulder and waist straps and several pockets.

Picture 1: Bag in carrying position
Picture 2: Bag in readiness position
Picture 1 Picture 2


This gasmask was designed in 1937 and it was especially meant for artillery units. The filter is smaller and lighter than in m/30 and it is attached straight to the mask so there is no need for a hose anymore. Some parts are still the same as in m/30. There is many filter models for this mask: m/38, m/38S, m/38L, m/43 and /43L. The bag was made of lighter canvas than m/30. This mask was made by the same sizes as m/30.

In 1939 Finland had 20 000 m/38 gasmasks.


This mask is actually designed for air raid precautions. The model is copied from a German mask and it was made in four sizes: "L" for children, "N" for women, "M" for men and "E" for extremely big headed. It has own filter called m/39 but m/38 filter also fit to it. The mask bag was from the first a cardboard box or a simple bag. The mask was used by maintenance units.

m/30 civil

This gasmask was made for civil markets. It is commonly seen in civil guard and Lotta organisation and civil defence units. It has own special filter and metal carry canister that includes tube of glass-soap and instruction manual.

In addition Finland had gasmasks for horses (m/35, m/38, m/40 and m/44) and
for dogs (m/41, that was a prototype).

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