Updated: 12.04.2004

Finnish Junkyard

Finn good old boys

Welcome to my site!

In these sites I sell and trade mostly SA stuff.

If you find anything from these sites that interests you please contact me by e-mail:
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T.P.Hern Slings and Things
Reproduction Leather Goods for the Reenactor & Collector
For example German WW1 bayonet frogs and e-tool carriers that Finns used

My_Gunsite. Great Mosin sites
In addition a good selection of parts and accessories

Milpro Also great Finnish stuff
My_Gunsite. The biggest Mosin sites
Everything you need to know about Finnish and Russian/Soviet weapons

Finnmedals International Leading Finnish dealer of Orders & Medals and militaria
A good selection of Finnish and other orders, medals, decorations, books and militaria

Mosin forums
The Gunboards.com
Parallax's Firearms Forums
Mosin Nagants Of The World
Russian Mosin Nagant Page & Forums

I'm a Finnish collector and independent on any gangs,
groups or persons. Here is just me.