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Trio Niskalaukaus is recording their fourth full-length album during this autumn and the forthcoming winter. The release date of this awaited album will be in March 2004.

Two finnish rock journalists have written a book about Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus. The book was released this autumn and it tells the whole success story of the band. The book also gives the whole band a chance to speak - not only Timo, who usually has the main role in interviews and articles.

Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus released their first dvd on summer. This untitled dvd includes live material from two gigs and all five video clips the band has made. TV-document about the bands trip to Kosovo is also included as well as the christmas play "Tiernapojat".


Before christmas Trio Niskalaukaus will release a special ep, that includes their interpretation of "Tiernapojat", a famous christmas play. Three guest vocalists will be heard on that record: Jarkko Martikainen (YUP), Toni Wirtanen (Apulanta) and Ismo Alanko.

Trio Niskalaukaus has already released three singles from their successful album "Rajaportti". "Elegia" was released on May. In addition to the title song the single includes a cover version of "Mustamaalaan", originally performed by Sielun Veljet. The latest cd-single is "Lumessakahlaajat". It was released on early September and it has two extra songs: a live version of "Kova maa" and a cover version of "Tie", originally performed by Sakari Kuosmanen.

On November and December Trio Niskalaukaus will do a short tour in Finland. The speciality of the tour is a guest keyboard player: Tuomas Holopainen from Nightwish.


"Rajaportti", the third album of Trio Niskalaukaus, has become a great success. It's number one in finnish album list right now, and the single track "Surupuku" has become the biggest Trio Niskalaukaus -hit so far. It held the first position in finnish single chart three weeks, and it has even been played in radio regularly, which is very exceptional in metal music.

"Rajaportti" will be released also in LP-form by Oskun Divari, one of the smallest but also the oldest record shops in Helsinki. LP will have a beautiful gatefold cover, and it will be out right after easter.


The third full-length album of Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus will be released in the late March 2002. The album is recorded in the same studio as two previous albums, and it is produced by Jarkko Martikainen, vocalist and songwriter of a famous finnish band called YUP.

Trio Niskalaukaus will have a tour in Finland on spring 2002. The tour is going to start on easter and it consists of about 15 gigs all over Finland.

There has been a change in the line-up of Trio Niskalaukaus. Guitarist Karri Rämö left the band to concentrate on his other project Psyche Del Buzz. The replacing guitarist is Jari Huttunen, who has played in a band called Private Line.


Trio Niskalaukaus will perform as a special guest on HIM's tour in Germany in September. They will also have a few gigs of their own in smaller clubs in Germany and Austria. The exact list of gigs can be seen here >>>.


The new Finnish-speaking ep "Kuilun partaalla" is out now. Ep includes one new song, two cover versions and a live version of "Rajatila".

Trio Niskalaukaus did one German-speaking gig in Helsinki in late April. This was the first and also the very last time when the German-speaking songs could be heard live in Finland.

Trio Niskalaukaus will play in most of the finnish summer festivals. They will have 15 gigs during June, July and August. The exact dates and towns can be seen here >>>.

More English translations have been added to lyrics-section. The rest of the songs from "In frostigen Tälern" and five songs from "Lopunajan merkit" can be found there now.


"In frostigen Tälern", The German-speaking album of Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus will be released in Germany on 24th of April. From finnish record stores it can be found on 14th of May.

Besides "In frostigen Tälern" Trio Niskalaukaus will release new Finnish-speaking material on cd-ep in late April. Ep will include two new songs, a live track from one of the last summers gigs and a cover version of Tuomari Nurmios song "On aika soittaa sinfonia", that was originally released last autumn in a tribute album "Tuomarin todistajat".

The new webpage in English is opened. This section will not be updated as often as news in Finnish, but the most important activities of the band are announced here too.

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