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all joy turns to grief
(itku pitkästä ilosta)


a good day
(hyvä päivä)

i won't look back
(en katso taakse)

the last of their breed
(lajinsa viimeiset)

love without end
(rajaton rakkaus)

on low grounds
(alavilla mailla)

pierced by shame
(häpeän lävistämä)

russian orphans
(venäjän orvot)




a winter night's tale
(talvi-illan tarina)

a winter night´s tale

the dry wind melts the clay-filled ice
the fragile veins rip open screaming
when at winter under my feet
flows a yet warmer stream

a dark sky in the middle of the day
both the sun and the moon
shine at the same time
under my blind staring eyes
quietly laughs a balding bear

a safe place - or so they say
under the deep blue-cross soul
under our granite rockbed
pounds a hotter heart every day

at this end laugh even the wisest men
when they wipe the sweat off their hats
and under the waterless showers
stand quietly black, sweaty, small men

arto revonkorpi - timo rautiainen