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all joy turns to grief
(itku pitkästä ilosta)


a good day
(hyvä päivä)

i won't look back
(en katso taakse)

the last of their breed
(lajinsa viimeiset)

love without end
(rajaton rakkaus)

on low grounds
(alavilla mailla)

pierced by shame
(häpeän lävistämä)

russian orphans
(venäjän orvot)




a winter night's tale
(talvi-illan tarina)


i've heard
strange things have happened here
mute men have been seen
doing strange things

animals that should not exist
have arrived from afar
we have heard that over there
is no air left to breath

for some reason it feels worse today
than it felt yesterday
and yesterday felt worse
than the day before

certain has become uncertain
all unfamiliar has stayed the same
it frightens to know that all one knows
is how little time there is left

all this time we have
stood on hollow ground
at least we are standing somewhere now
we stand on the borderline

there was no solid rock
to build upon
all is gone but the words:
"can anyone help"

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