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Trio Niskalaukaus is back home and will do a few gigs in Finland during late November and early December. These are the last shows for a long time. After this little tour the band is going to have a long break. It will last at least one year.

The double-cd-collection Tilinteon hetki is now available. The first cd contains of 14 greatest tracks of the four finnish full-lengths and the other includes all the "b-sides" of the cd-singles as well as a few unreleased live and demo tracks. You can order this brand new release from our shop.


The new album Hartes Land is out now! Be quick to get it from our netstore, because the first edition includes bonus track Wiegenlied.

The German-Austrian-tour will begin next week. There are three additions to the tour dates: 14.10. Frankfurt, 18.10. Bochum and 24.10. Salzburg. These gigs will be played with Sonata Arctica but without Nightwish. All the tour dates can be found from the gigs-page.


Trio Niskalaukaus will have their second tour outside Finland on October. The band will support Nightwish on their concerts in Germany and Austria. The third finnish metal monster Sonata Arctica is also along on these gigs.

The next international release of Trio Niskalaukaus is the second German album that will be out in autumn. The concept is the same as it was in In frostigen Tälern. The new album contains of material taken from the latest albums Kylmä tila and Rajaportti but with German lyrics.

In Finland Trio Niskalaukaus will release a new single Minun oikeus (taken from their latest full-length Kylmä tila) and a double-cd-collection. The new single will be out on August and the collection on November. The first of the cd's contains of greatest Niskalaukaus-hits and the other cd includes rare and unreleased material.

As you can see we have finally re-opened the english site. There's not very much new to see, but a little anyway: we have opened the netstore for foreign customers. So it's now possible to get all the releases of Trio Niskalaukaus and even some fan stuff from one place.

And yes: we also promise to do updates more often than we have used to...

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