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all joy turns to grief
(itku pitkästä ilosta)


a good day
(hyvä päivä)

i won't look back
(en katso taakse)

the last of their breed
(lajinsa viimeiset)

love without end
(rajaton rakkaus)

on low grounds
(alavilla mailla)

pierced by shame
(häpeän lävistämä)

russian orphans
(venäjän orvot)




a winter night's tale
(talvi-illan tarina)

on low grounds

forefathers´ weaknesses
boil in shallow ditches
on low grounds waits
man with a cape of frost

in here the bad deeds
pile up as hills
on the left you can see
the field of disappointment

on the horizon
making scary noises
the crows of bad omens
fly the wrong way

under us you can see
a swamp-like formation
of malignant tumors
that weren´t found in time

every night someone moves
all the clocks forward
the sun always sets
when we try to wake up

no escape from here
no road out of here
no migrating bird
makes a stop anywhere near

no one entering here
walks without trembling
no one even dreams of
the hands of gentle fathers´

tomi tuomaala