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all joy turns to grief
(itku pitkästä ilosta)


a good day
(hyvä päivä)

i won't look back
(en katso taakse)

the last of their breed
(lajinsa viimeiset)

love without end
(rajaton rakkaus)

on low grounds
(alavilla mailla)

pierced by shame
(häpeän lävistämä)

russian orphans
(venäjän orvot)




a winter night's tale
(talvi-illan tarina)


up in the thirteenth floor
i sit and hold your hand
ugly dark clouds
hang beneath the skies
and my whole world hangs on thin wires

i only wish that someone
will find a cure
but i know this may never be
they say you are going,
know that you won't be alone
either we leave together
or i'll follow right behind

when the moment came
i let you down
i cannot help
can anyone help

tomi tuomaala