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all joy turns to grief
(itku pitkästä ilosta)


a good day
(hyvä päivä)

i won't look back
(en katso taakse)

the last of their breed
(lajinsa viimeiset)

love without end
(rajaton rakkaus)

on low grounds
(alavilla mailla)

pierced by shame
(häpeän lävistämä)

russian orphans
(venäjän orvot)




a winter night's tale
(talvi-illan tarina)


who can tell what´s there to find
under deep waters
thousands of meters
under the waves

i´ve been thinking lately
i could be there
at last find peace
with the fish all around me

they took the plates from my truck
last thursday night
i can travel the roads
with a temporary permit

i sleep on abandoned truckstops
in the middle of the forests
i have no permission to stop
they are still negotiating

well, someone has to do this
they made me a promise
the final containment area
will be certain this summer

the cargo behind me
no one knows what it contains
the men with geiger-counters
put on their masks

i wish i could get home at last
after thirteen years meet my children
and my wife´s new husband

but there are no white spots
on the map anymore
you can´t watch the earth from far enough
you can´t escape your cargo

tomi tuomaala