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Hello, my name is Gordi,

  Siberian Cat Gordi... 

This site is old and  no longer updated! Only the banner page with links to siberian breeders!  Tämä sivusto on vanha eikä sitä enää päivitetä - ainoastaan siperiankasvattajalinkkisivua

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Hello, I am Gordi - welcome to my web site!
Photo: M. Kienanen European Champion Gordey Sant-Andre


On this site I present some of my first offspring and some relativers.

 Don't forget to visit  my adorable sweet kittens and my grand children and great grandchildren. Here are two handsome grandsons:

Boogie aka CH Amante's Boogie-Woogie

Amante's Appassionato aka Hugo - here as kitten

Hugo (7months)  aka CH Amante's Appasionato

Siberian Cat Gordi - blue mackerel tabby

Click on the image to view more pictures of Gordi and Nelli

If you don't know, who Gordi is, please, visit the introduction here.

My web master has also a  CATTERY

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