BERBER SKINK (eumeces schneideri)

care sheet

     Here's my skink "DIGIT"
                                                                                                             He's a male, weights 90 grams
                                                                                                                I bought him in Dec. 1996


appearance                Well-developed legs, shiny scales, brown or grey with yellow or orange spots.

native                          To northwest Africa east to western Asia.

size                              Grows up to 45cm (male).


lifespan                      Up to 20 years.
cage                             Dry terrarium, at least 80x40x40 cm with plenty of hiding places and slightly damp area on its coolest corner.
                                     Substrate thick enough to allow lizard to burrow in it. Fine sand is very good.

temperature               Day 24°C
                                     Local hot spot up to 40°C
                                     Night 18°C

light                             UVB-lightning 12-14 hours/ day.

food                             Insects, crickets, mealworms, small pieces of meat, high quality catfood, sometimes mashed fruits.
                                     + Calcium and vitamin supplements. Feed every second day.

water                           Always available, fresh and clean. Spray water every day.

behavior                    These skinks become tame very quickly, but there's no need to handle them often.

                                     You can let the lizard crawl on a floor sometimes, but first make sure:

                                                      -he can't get behind bookshelfs etc.
                                                      -no doors open to other rooms, he might be too fast for you!
                                                      -no other pets around
                                                      -make sure that the room is warm enough
                                      You can keep lizards together in pairs, female-female, female-male, do not put 2 males together.
                                      You can also put other same-sized skinks with berber skinks,
                                      start carefully and take one of the lizards away if they start to fight!

breeding                      Possible...female lays 1-3 eggs in terrariums.


by Milla Honkarinta, Finland
photos ©Milla Honkarinta

updated August 2006