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15.11.2006 Pictures »
We've got new photos from On The Rocks gig. Check them out at the gallery section.

12.10.2006 Rumours »
Please ignore all rumours that You have heard. Delfoi Road is not playing a gig this weekend.

14.09.2006 Up to date »
Both summer festival gigs (Pyhäntärock and Livestock) were recorded professionally and maybe we can present some live tracks here later...
We've also got one or two new songs that are finished and perhaps relesed this fall. Stay tuned for updates.

29.07.2006 Semi-acoustic activity »
Delfoi Road performed a secret semi-acoustic gig on Wednesday the 14th of June. Juho played electric drum set and Janne acoustic guitar. The rest of the band was in standard mode.

06.06.2006 10 000 hits »
During late May our counter showed a number of ten thousand visitors. It means that Delfoiroad.com has been visited over 10 000 times since November 2002. Approximately 8 hits per day!.

17.05.2006 Acoustic activity »
Delfoi Road performed an acoustic trio gig 5.5. without Juho at Råistå Fest.

28.04.2006 Sound Sleeper reviews »
There are a couple of links to Sound Sleeper reviews on the releases page.

05.04.2006 April fools »
The traditional april fools prank was this year about a r'n'b remix.

12.03.2006 New pictures »
New live pictures from Vastavirta-klubi, Tampere, can be found here.

11.02.2006 Recordings started »
Delfoi Road started recording new material in January with Ville Keinonen assisted by Matti "Standard" Tanttari. They began working with three songs: Saving Grace, Hole In The Ground and an untitled one.

06.01.2006 Studio pictures & news »
Studio pics are up from the Sound Sleeper recording sessions 2004/2005. Pictures were taken by the producer Ville Keinonen.
He is also going to produce the next Delfoi Road recordings that are starting in two months. Ville & the band are doing pre-production at the moment.

15.12.2005 New song(s) »
A new song was played live recently on a gig in Nokia. The track is preliminary titled Hole In The Ground. The band is practising more new songs at their rehearse cave so expect new material on future gigs!
Jani & Janne are off to see Anathema tonight in Nosturi, Helsinki. Such a great band...

31.10.2005 Factory duo gig cancelled »
It is our saddest duty to report that the Factory duo gig next Saturday is cancelled. You can still enjoy the music of Silenzio and El Niklas there.

25.10.2005 Video footage »
A short video clip of Make Me / Love You is available from the Joensuu gig last February. The file is in .avi format and can be found from the audio page.

07.10.2005 The heat is on »
The first proper gig in six months is now played. The break is over and touring started last Wednesday when Delfoi Road and Mesmer were rocking the house down at Telakka, Tampere. Thanks for being there. More gigs coming soon so watch this space!

22.09.2005 Delfoi Road at MySpace »
There are four songs available for listening at MySpace web page. Most of the songs are familiar from our audio page but Sound Sleeper EP song Time is now available for the very first time! Log on to www.myspace.com/delfoiroad.

05.09.2005 Competition winners »
The Sound Sleeper Competition is now over and the lucky winners are: Sandra Kensen, Piedro Conzuéles, Bruki Minou, Mikko Ratia and Juri Surakka. Congratulations to the winners who will receive Sound Sleeper CD soon!

29.08.2005 Secret gig at Livestock »
Delfoi Road played a secret gig at this years Livestock with a special line-up. Janne was not able to play this gig and he was replaced by two talented artists on guitar, Arttu Jussila and Tommi Aunola. Delfoi Road thanks the guitar players and the Livestock crowd. We had a blast!

23.08.2005 Silent Dream Boy »
If You want to catch Miika playing bass live You should head On The Rocks on Tuesday the 30th of August. Miika is replacing the bass player of melodic heavy metal band Silent Dream for this gig.

29.06.2005 Livestock 2005 - the full hand »
Saturday 20.08.2005 is the date for this years Livestock. The legendary festival is celebrating it's fifth anniversary with The Jurapaju, Mesmer, Shamrock etc. More information on www.livestock.tk.

08.06.2005 Technical difficulties »
If You've tried to join the Sound Sleeper Competition or Delfoi Road mailing list during the last week, please try again. We had some technical difficulties but they are fixed now.
No need to mention but computers or the binary code sequence had nothing to do with this breakdown. Difficulties were caused by a human error.

23.5.2005 Sound Sleeper competition »
Win the Sound Sleeper CD! All You need to do is to participate. The competition closes in August so watcha waitin' for!?!?

Voit voittaa Delfoi Roadin SOUND SLEEPER CD:n itsellesi! Tehtävä on helppo. Nimeä neljä artistia/bändiä jotka ovat kilpailusivun kuvassa näkyvissä. Jätä myös nimesi ja sähköpostiosoitteesi niin yksi viidestä palkinnosta voi olla Sinun! Tästä pääset kisaamaan.

19.5.2005 YleX X-Ryhmän demokokelaat »
Delfoi Road is nominated among two other bands for the "Demo of The Week" competition on national YleX radio station. You can vote but first You have to register to the X-Stage.

Remember also to take part in our Sound Sleeper competition. There are five Delfoi Road CDs looking for a home at the moment!

02.04.2005 April fools prank »
We are sorry for trying to fool You but we had a little April fools prank on the main page...

21.03.2005 Uunisaari Schedule »
18:00 open
20:00 "Sound Sleeper" listening session
20:30 Mesmer live
22:00 Delfoi Road live
24:00 close

Mesmer: www.mesmermusic.tk
Restaurant Uunisaari: www.uunisaari.com

17.3.2005 Delfoi Road player »
Two songs from Sound Sleeper are available for listening at Delfoi Road player. You need Macromedia Flash to operate. Download Flash here.

15.03.2005 Delfoi Road on Trombi FM »
Delfoi Road on the air on Wednesday 16th of March at 16:00. You can listen to the broadcast at 105,5 mHz in southern Finland or worldwide internet stream at Trombit.net.

11.03.2005 Sound Sleeper tracklist »
We can now reveal the tracklist for the Sound Sleeper EP.

1. Sound Sleeper
2. Make Me / Love You
3. Safe & Sound
4. Skyline
5. Time

10.03.2005 www.delfoiroad.com »
You have probably noticed that a new address has been working since the end of February. And surprise surprise, the URL is www.delfoiroad.com. Please update your bookmarks!

06.03.2005 Sound Sleeper release date »
We are changing our name from Insight to Delfoi Road. Our new CD EP "Sound Sleeper" will be released on Saturday the 26th of March. And You are welcomed to celebrate this with us to Ravintola Uunisaari in Helsinki on the very same day. We perform there with our evil twin Mesmer. After the release partee we take a six month break and will return by the end of the year.
And don't worry, nothing changes but the name.

12.02.2005 New EP coming soon »
The band has been pushing in the studio for the last few months with the producer Ville Keinonen. And in March we are proud to present a new EP containing five songs. One of them is "Time" and You can listen an acoustic version of it online. The EP will feature a different version of the song. Watch this space for more info on the forthcoming release!

07.01.2005 You can't stop the music »
On new year's eve Insight had a gig with Mesmer at Neliapila in Mäntsälä. Mesmer played their set and Insight was ready to rumble. But then around 01:30 the police came by for a visit. There were some fights and the police had to close Neliapila down.
But all is not lost: We decided to move the gear to our nearby rehearsal cave and invited all the nice folks there. And that was where the party started! We ended up playing our show in a very familiar environment... There was free beer, beautiful girls and live music! What more can we ask for?!?!?!
Insight would like to thank every one who came there. It was a succesfull night after all.

Mesmer: Sugar Sermon 13.12.2004 »
» Mesmer's debut album "Sugar Sermon" was released in November. Jani is on the record with some backing vox. Check it out!
» Insight & Mesmer will continue their Sugar Sermon Tour next year. Stay tuned for more dates!
» New song "Skyline" was introduced recently at Yo-talo, Tampere.

(C) Tommi Aunola
26.7.2004 summer festival setlist
The fourth Livestock was celebrated on 24.07.2004. Insight headlined the festival and the setlist was:

» sound sleeper
» restrained rage
» another day
» memory girl
» never tomorrow
» until
» time
» hiding from me
» for my heart
» vladislav

» mutual love (with Miki Brunou)
» make me / love you

(C) Tommi Aunola(C) Tommi Aunola

We are very sorry to announce that the Factory gig (09.07.2004 Helsinki) is cancelled. Insight has nothing to do with this cancellation and we hope that we can present a new Factory date soon. However Pestida will play in Factory on Friday 16.07.2004.

(C) Free Your Mind 1.6.2004
The bass player of Insight has changed. Miika Erkkilä is now the man who takes care of the low frequencies. In the future you can spot Airwaves behind the mixing desk. The last gig that Insight did with Michael was in December 2003. Insight kiittää, Michael Airwaves!!!

RIACD003 20.5.2004
The new Memory Girl EP is out now. Here is the tracklist:

  • Hiding from Me
  • Memory Girl
  • Another Day
  • Mutual Love

    You can order the cd by sendind mail to
    The damage is 4 euros.

    We have a little record release party on Saturday 22.5.2004 at Turkoosi, Helsinki with Mesmer and Terijoki Syndrome. Tickets cost 3 euros and bands start to play at 22:00 so arrive early to see the bands and avoid queue. And of course the Memory Girl EP is for sale there. Welcome!

    (C) Free Your Mind5.5.2004
    Yleisradion Free your mindin sivuilta löytyy Insight videohaastattelu sekä Hide-biisin livevideo Ääni ja Vimma karsinnoista. Perjantaina 19.3.2004 Ruoholahden nuorisotalolla nauhoitettujen videoiden katseluun tarvitset ilmaiseksi saatavilla olevan Real Playerin.

    The Insight homepage can now be accessed via new address: insightmusic.tk. It's a lot easier to remember than those old ones.

    Insight-duo kotiutui juuri Samettiklubilta Semifinalista. Janne ja Jani heittivät pari tuoreempaa piisiä ja yhden vanhemman kipaleen. Setti meni kutakuinkin näin: 1. Sound Sleeper 2. Another Day 3. For My Heart.

    Janne ja Jani Insightista ovat vieraana Radio Iistsaidin taajuuksilla (105,5 MHz) keskiviikkona 21.4.2004 kello 18:30 alkaen. Pojat soittavat pari biisiä ja juttelevat vähän kuulumisia. Radio kuuluu n. 40-60 kilometrin säteellä Helsingistä.

    Ääni ja Vimma semifinaalit lähetetään suorana myös netissä. Insightin vuoro on perjantaina klo 19.20-19.35. Jos et pääse paikan päälle tai et halua tulla, niin lähetystä voi seurata kahdesta paikasta. Osoitteista www.freeyourmind.fi ja www.globalstage.tv.

    Kävimme perjantaina 19.3. soittamassa pari biisiä Ääni & Vimma -karsinnoissa Ruoholahdessa. Basson varteen saimme houkuteltua Miki Brunoun, joka on kaikille tuttu Mesmeristä. Seuraavan kerran asian tiimoilta soitamme Gloriassa perjantaina 23.4. ja tarkka kellonaika on 19.20-19.35.
    Käymme kuitenkin pikavisiitillä Gloriassa jo tiistaina 13.4. Homman nimi on Akustinen baari ja siellä on esiintymässä Kari Peitsamo, Kati Pellinen sekä läjä tuntemattomampia suuruuksia.
    Seuraava keikka onkin sitten lauantaina 22.5. Turkoosissa Helsingissä. Insight, Terijoki Syndrome ja Mesmer. Liput maksavat noin 3 euroa. Tervetuloa!

    Olimme tuossa hiljattain mukana letsmakesomenoise.comin Metelimittarissa.
    Kalenterin näyttämä vuosikin vaihtui ja laskuri on nyt pyörähtänyt yli kolme tuhatta kertaa.

    Vuoden 2004 ensimmäinen keikka on ystävänpäivänä 14. helmikuuta Mäntsälän Monitoimitalolla Jimi Pääkallon luotsaaman Technicolourin lämppärinä. Odotettavissa on täsmähittejä aina Firefliesista Restrained Rageen :-)

    Stella Star Clubin sivuilla voit äänestää viime vuoden parasta bändiä, joka esiintyi siellä. Pienenä vinkkinä annettakoon, että Insight kävi keikalla kyseisessä juottolassa jopa kahdesti...

    Parisuhderock tuplatreffit Factoryssä. Keskelle viikkoa ajoittuva mini-festari vietetään Helsingin Hakaniemen Factoryssä, kun uutta EP:tään viimeistelevä Insight heittää keikat sekä keskiviikkona että torstaina Pitkän sillan kupeessa.
    Paikalle kannattaa tulla molempina päivinä, sillä soittamassa on myös muita bändejä ja jotain insight-spesiaalia on luvassa kummallekin keikalle... Keskiviikkona tukenamme on mainio poppaava Soft Body Vinyl Head ja torstaina hypnoottisen goottipopin nouseva voima Mesmer (entinen Thee Fleshless).

    Congratulations! We celebrated the birthday of our dear counter on the first day of November. During the last year this page has been visited over 2200 times. That means over six (6) hits per day! Thank You.
    And happy birthday to our hard working counter once more. We wish many years of cooperation and a bright future!

    Kauan odotettuja keikkapäivämääriä on nyt vihdoin saatu pari. Tsekkaa päivät shows-osastolta. Tervetuloa katsomaan sankoin joukoin.

    Finally! We have some gigs coming up in the near future. Check out the dates from the shows section. See You!

    Käväisimme viikonloppuna Pohjalla nauhoittamassa lauluja ja kitaroita tulevalle levylle eli loppusuoralla ollaan pikkuhiljaa. Tästä reissusta voi käydä lukemassa raportin täältä.


    We highly recommend to set Your course to Mesmer.


    A new mp3 song "Elsewhere" is available in the releases & mp3 section.


    Muutamat fotot ovat nyt esillä Livestockin sivuilla, että sinne vain katselemaan! Iso kiitos kuvista Mikkolle ja Mikalle!

    Kiitos myös kaikille Stellaan 15.8. vaivautuneille. Keikka tuli aivan yllätyksenä samana päivänä ja oli hauska nähdä niin monien ihmisten vaivautuneen paikalle lyhyellä varoitusajalla. Ainakin soittajilla riitti riemua kahden bändin ja yhden performanssi-pläjäyksen verran, kiitos Teille!


    Kiitos kaikille Livestockista, kesän ja koko vuoden kohokohdasta!!! Tämän vuoden festari löi laudalta edelliset Livestock-tapahtumat niin bändien laadussa kuin kävijöiden ja tyhjien pullojenkin määrässä. Insight soitti festivaalin "pääesiintyjänä" vähän puolenyön jälkeen ja meininki oli kirjaimellisesti navetan katossa! KIITTI JENGI!!!
    P.S. Valokuvia Livestockista on tulossa lähiaikoina.


    guitar intro
    Never Tomorrow
    15 Minutes of Love
    Black Star (The Soundtrack of Our Lives)
    Another Day
    Every Corner
    Lost and Found 2003
    Johnny & Mary (Robert Palmer)

    Restrained Rage
    Make Me / Love You

    Livestock Livestock 2003 19.7.2003
  • Musta Perhonen
  • Thee Fleshless
  • Insight
  • Soft Body Vinyl Head
  • Insilence!
  • Terijoki Syndrome
  • Yrjö W. Puska ja Lyhyet Valot
  • Shamrock


    Uuden EP-levyn julkaisupäivä viivästyy luultavasti jonnekin syksyyn.


    The release of the new EP is delayed. Hopefully the CD will be released next autumn.

    Uplifter Rock Kokoelma 3 20.3.2003

    Insight on mukana Uplifter Rock-Kokoelma 3 -levyllä biisillä Restrained Rage. Levyltä löytyy 19 loistavaa suomen- ja englanninkielistä rokettiroll -biisiä ja sitä voi ostaa esimerkiksi meiltä huokeaan kuuden euron hintaan (6 EUROS!!!). Lähetä postia
    i n s i g h t ( a t ) nic.fi ja ota tiukka paketti haltuun!


    Insight is featured on Uplift Records' third Uplifter Rock Compilation CD with the hit track Restrained Rage. There is 19 brilliant songs on the CD and You can buy it from us for 6 EUROS!!! Just mail
    i n s i g h t ( a t ) nic.fi and get uplifted!


    Uusimmassa Curly -lehdessä on juttu Insightista. Curly on ilmaisjakelulehti ja sitä pitäisi löytyä ainakin kirjastoista, nuorisotaloilta ja jostain kaupoista myös.


    The latest Curly magazine has an article about Insight.


    Insight ikuistaa uusia biisejä tällä hetkellä pitkän linjan yhteistyökumppaninsa, ykkösmies Pekka Koskenkannon kanssa. Uuden levyn olisi tarkoitus tulla ulos ennen kesää. Käy täällä katselemassa miten tilanne edistyy, ilmoitamme tuloksista heti, kun jotain kerrottavaa ilmaantuu.


    The guys of Insight are back in business and recording new songs again with the number 1 man, Pekka Koskenkanto. The new EP should come out before summer so come back here and check out the situation!

    We have a new counter on the "mainpage" to count how many visitors are lurking around here. The counter was activated on the first day of November in the year 2002.

    On Monday 23rd of September the smash hit "Restrained Rage" was played in Radiomafia's Upteekki's demo of the week competition. Results came on Thursday and Insight was the last one of three bands. The best band won but The Upteekkarit had something nice to say about Insight: "Särmikästä kitarapoppia tyylikkäin maustein. Rehellisen kuuloista tulkintaa ja kiitettävästi koukkuja."

    Our second CD EP has been reviewed and can be read at www.rockmusica.net. Theres lots of reviews plus other music related things on the site. Check it out!

    There are some more songs available in the releases & mp3 section. So what are You waiting for? Christmas?!?!? Go download them!

    Now is Your chance to get an Insight logo to Your mobile phone! Write message LOGO L1JOJ4000 and send it to number 17155 and You will receive a very trendy Insight logo. This service works only in Finland with Jippii, Sonera, Radiolinja, Telia, DNA and ÅMT and costs 0,84e. If You want to send this logo to Your friend, you must type LOGO L1JOJ4000 040???????? (Your friend's number) and send it to number 17155 Ohjeet suomeksi

    "Glamorama" is featured on the ooooo mailing list's compilation CD OOOOOps-cokish. The disc features tracks from MurhaMurhaItsemurha, O Samuli A, U.S.O., Aïr, Grey Park and many many more... OOOOOps-cokish is numbered and limited edition of 100 copies.

    The hit single "Restrained Rage" is now available in mp3 format. Go ahead and download it, it's totally free! Insight has also made it's radio debute with this same song recently.

    The brand new insight release is out now!!! The acclaimed second release of Insight is ready and waiting for You to enjoy it. Five killer smash hits ranging from rock-murder tracks to beautiful ballads a la Insight aimed straight to Your hearts. It's fresh. It's cool. It's unfresh. It's meininki. Here is the menu: "Restrained Rage", "Until", "15 Minutes of Love", "Elsewhere" and "Glamorama".

    The release of the forthcoming insight EP has delayed again. But it's really close right now, because only final mastering and some layout needs to be done. Major problems have occured when the band has tried to make contact with the militant-artist sailor-boy A. Laakso, because no phone lines or mobile networks are working on Antti's small secret island. Insight hopes that they will hear something of the lovable fisherman-communist soon, or no artwork will be seen for ages...

    The artwork for the forthcoming EP is going to be done by the infamous artist Antti Laakso. He is now spending he's days on a small island in Eastern-Finland, observing the sea and getting inspiration from simple fisherman's life. Only a few people live on that small island and it is a marvellous place for Antti to gather strenght for he's future projects, including the artwork of the new Insight EP!

    Insight will perform a very special gig on tuesday 29.01.2002 at the legendary Hotelli Hanhi in Lapinjärvi. The two Simos (Janne & Jani) will return to Lappträsk after they had both spent a month there in autumn 2001. The two other Insight dudes are not coming along this time, only the sounds of Janne's campfire guitar and Jani's sore throat will be heard this time. A merry night is guaranteed with some more Simo bands and lots of drunken Simos!

    The confirmed tracks on the forthcoming release are: 15 Minutes of Love, Restrained Rage and Elsewhere and one yet untitled song. The InsightBoyz are satisfied with the recordings so far: "Everything is going to be much better on this one. The sound, the songs, the production, the whole package!" Although one thing remains the same: "We can't seem to get rid of crap-lyrics..." But fans don't agree with that comment. Get the new CD soon, when it hits the streets, and decide yourself!!!

    The boys of Insight are working hard nowdays in the studio, trying to get their hit potential heart-rock tracks recorded. Crazy days and endless nights are spent in a tiny studio (built in an old water closet) where blood, sweat and tears flow 24 hours in a day. As a result, a stunning four-track EP is to be released in the near future. And You will be the first one to know!

    After Insight's massive show at the
    Premiere Nights restaurant last November, it was expected that Insight would break their way into the semifinals of The Premiere Nights Band Competition. Now the date has been confirmed, and Tuesday the 19th of March Premiere Nights is going to be under total destruction á la Insight. This is something You do not want to miss...

    The well-known mixer, recorder, sound-engineer and producer Pekka Koskenkanto is a very busy man today with his countless projects, but he has shown green light to work for the new recording of Insight! The band and Pekka start working on a new EP next January (2002). Pekka has been working before with artists such as The Fleshless, Musta Perhonen and the guitar virtuose Kalle Pekkala.