Download Android-Dictionary for phone or tai tablet, here.

Download (updated Finnish-English-Finnish Dictionary for Windows-device.
Free trial v. here.    (Also works as an update for registered users.)

Note! Some virus protection programs do not directly install the dictionary because it is not widely known.
Or they can prevent the installed program from running. In that case, an exception must be made.
The dictionary does not include virus or spyware.

Dictionary User's Guide:


1.     Translated word.

2.     Translating word. The word does not always have to be written completely.

3.     Translating word from clipboard. Text on the clipboard comes in box 2. You get the text on the clipboard
        "painting" it first and selecting form the menu of right mouse button, Copy.

4.     Direction of translation (Finnish - English - Finnish).

5.     Fixed display. The size of the window does not change according to how a long answer is.

6.     Picture / Text Display.

7.     The word to be translated can be written completely (NC), and a translation only after pressing Enter.

8.     Dictionary always on top.

9.     The translated word comes automatically from the clipboard when you've copied it there. 

10.     Minimize the dictionary as a icon to the right of the taskbar.

11.     Scroll backward in the same frame.

12.     Scroll forward in the same frame.