NEWS 2005

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Winner Show 17.12.2005 Judge: Keith Young, Gb



Nordic Winner Show 17.12.2005 Judge: Kirsti Bremer, Fin


Thank You Tiina for handling Ushi. A lot better results  we got both days of course at basset ring! Results and photos You can found at Nightdream webpage. What a nice weekend again at big Helsinki shows, unfortunately not extra time to meet  friends at ringside of goldens, maybe next year.

3.12. Kirkkonummi GRC´s annual Xmas Open Show
Judge: Elena Ruskovaara, Fin

Very long and cold day.

USHI- best bitch and finally BIS 2

PIPSA - winner of open class

VANI - 3rd in open class

Tyty, Pirpana and Nuppu was competing in big baby class, but wasnt placed this time.

Breeder class  with Vani, Pipsa, Tyty and Pirpana, 4th, wonder why, I think we were very similar :-) pretty ones.

13.11. Kaarina allbreed puppyshow
Judge: Tanya Ahlman-Stocmari, Fin

PB Phoebe Buffay 4th + HP
PB Quite An Angel, not placed

Girls was competing in best brace among other breeds, judge was Maija Mäkinen, Fin

They won: BIS 1!

5.11. International show Tarto, Estonia
Judge: Laurent Pichard, Switzerland

Great Challange Absolutely White
(Flanagan v.d. Golden Angels - Chess SoPretty Great Walze)
Kasv. Krista Koppa, Eesti
Om. Marko Terasmaa, Eesti

Exellent, JUN1 (Jun SERT), ROP-JUN, BEST MALE-4
Short Listed among  8 dogs  in bis junior competition, not placed

 Sylintäydeltä onnea  Suomenlahden toiselle puolelle!

5.11. Espoo puppy show
Judge: Rune Fageström

PB Phoebe Buffay 5th in puppy class 5-7 months

23.10. Lahti allbreed puppy show
Judge: Eeva Resko

Micky Moon Vivienne  (Flanagan v.d. Golden Angels - Micky Moon Midnight Rose)
1st + HP, best bitch puppy 1 & BOB puppy

30.10. GRC´s speciality
Finnish judges: adults: Tuula Jokela, kennel Hiekkakankaan + puppies: Riitta-Liisa Lehtonen, kennel Majik

Ushi was quite happy in the ring, I had a secret weapon  in my hand:  boiled egg... Ushis favorite;-)
Ushi was winner of very big open class with EXCELLENT and she was 2nd best bitch.

One of last summers puppies was first time shown and with very nice result.
PB Phoebe Buffay was 2nd with HP in puppy class 5-7 months old.
She was just 5 months old.

23.10. Our old grandma Tara is gone.
Thank You Tara of your very gently and kind companion and
of all these years we spend together.

16.10. SNJ annual special show for retrievers
Judge: Margaret Woods, GB

Ushi EXC
She was very lazy!

Our travel companion "Meeda" was in good showmood and was BOS veteran, she is almost 14.
Moonika´s half brother was BOB vet and BOS.

8.10. Helsinki
GRC´s charactar test, judges: Helena Suni & Helena Karves

Pipsa passed the charactar test!
Pipsa suoritti luonnetestin hyväksytysti!

24.9. Orimattila
Judge: Soile Bister, Fin

18.9. Hyvinkää
Ingrid Hein, Estonia, kennel Cayring

17.9. Äetsä
Judge: Eivind Mjaerum, Norway, kennel Mjaerumhögdas


11.9. Porvoo
Judge: Anja Puumala, Fin

10.9. Porvoo
Ihana pentu "Mäykky" bassetti sai viimeisen serttinsä ja on nyt FIN MVA!

3.9. Vantaa Let´s Go-näyttely
Judge: Yvette Mannings, UK

27-28.8. Emme olleet missään oikeissa näyttelyissä, mutta piipahdimme kannattamassa lähiseutujen koirakerhojen toimintaa osallistumalla muutamaan leikkimieliseen Match Showhun.

Match Show,  Koski Tl
- Moonika - pentujen sin sijoitus 4.
- Paddy - isojen pun, sijoitus 4.
- Eddie - isojen sin, sijoitus 1. & Best In Show 2.

Match Show, Ypäjä
- Eddie - isojen pun, sijoitus 2.

21.8. Hämeenlinna
Judge: Rune Fageström, Fin


20.8. Golden Special, Kangasala
Judge: Sue Brown, UK

14.8. Aura
Judge: Saija Juutilainen, Fin

6.8.05 Joensuu Int.
Judge: Riitta Liisa Lehtonen, Fin

Vesilahti 24.07.
Judge: Eeva Rautala, Fin

It was raining all day, but sun was shining after Ushi entered to ring for judging.
Ushi had great day. Most of all she suprised us:  she moved!!! Thanks to  sausages from Katis sandwishes.
Ushi got her CC nro 2 and was Best of Opposite Sex.

Karjaa 10.7.
Judge: Johan Juslin, Fin

My dutch imports (read imbesilies ;-))) was entered and  it was very very hot and sunny day. Paddy was enjoying his first outing since Karjaa´s last year show on 4.7. Ushi was shown for the first time after her big litter of  Moonika ;-), she wasn´t even today showing her very best, she wasnt so happy as she is at home. Eddie was of course happy as usually, he tought he should show her best as his godmother was watching, and so he delighted as by winning junior class where was also competing this years golden special winner.

Also petits did very well, Mom´s dearest Frodo was again winner of junior class and was third best male and got again another CC. Nasu was winner of his vetclass, best male and BOB and BOB vet. Mäykky was winner of her class and was once again best bitch and got also CC and was BOS. Svensson got only vg, but was winner of her open class.

15.5. Tallinn
Judge: Eva Mjelde, Norway

Our coming litters father
BALT CH & EST & LV & LTU & RUS CH, LTUW-03, LV W-01, LV JW, LTU JW & LV ClubW-02
Ritzilyn Blues Brother "Jake"
Is now also ESTW-2005, he was BOS and got C.A.C.I.B.

He also got result from bloodtrack on same day!

15.5. Halikko
Judge: Marjo Jaakkola

14.5. Helsinki
Judge: Harri Lehkonen

7.5. Hollola
Judge: Harri Lehkonen

1.5. Bye bye lovely Jake boy.

Thank You so much Monika for letting us have Jake here for awhile. We look forward with happy hearts and we are so much waiting for lovely little Jake´s. Hopefully they will be at least half as nice as their father.

No photo or story can ever made truth of his greatness, beauty and never the less his super character, he´s  everything human can ask of the dog.

 Happy 1st of May, with täti-Muunika

Eddie 1 year 24.04.

24.4. Sipoo
Judge: Hannele Jokisilta

3.4. Mäntsälä
Judge: Riitta Liisa Lehtonen

16.4. Kangasniemi
Judge: Esko Nummijärvi

10.4. Sysmä
Judge: Esko Nummijärvi

9.4. Pälkäne
Judge: Markku Santamäki

13.3. GRC´s Åbo Åben Show 2005
60 males &  59 bitches
Bitches: Lena Widebeck, kennel Combine, Sweden
Males: Annica Thunfors, kennel Made My Way, Sweden

7 Perfect Beast dogs, all placed

Thank You all, it was a nice golden day!


9.2. Old Pa-Dennis gone to rainbow bridge
Pappa "Dennis" siirtyi taivaalliseen koiratarhaan, kaikkien vanhojen kavereidensa joukkoon.
Shanlimore Fabian
11.11.1991 - 09.02.2005


29.1.2005 Turku Top Dog Show

Fun with Mäykky the basset CC, CACIB, BOB & BIG-3. Breed judge Anders Cederström, group judge Raimo Viljanmaa

Goldens judged Leila Kärkäs, Finland
Eddie, Harbinger Jeanton got VG. Ushi Jeanton got EXC and was placed 2nd at open class
Also Nanna, PB Keep It Secret, daughter of Paddy & Kerttu was participating, she got VG
Nappi, PB Evening Joy,  didn´t had any success this time, he got G