NEWS 2007

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8.12. WINNER SHOW, Helsinki Int show
PBGV Judge: Kresten Scheel, Denmark

This  year has  been so extra  great with show results so it wasn´t possible to think that  last show would also  be so great.  Boys  didn´t  do so well this time, Curt was our teams best and "only"  3rd best male, but we had our best dog waiting  her entering to ring. "Sanni"  NIGHTDREAM VANESSA PARADIS had so much  fun  with everything in ring that  it was  almost impossible to her to stand quietly and run  around without checking  her fellow exhibitors: human, dogs and  she loved the  judge. So  all  there was just great new big friends to Sanni. But  after awhile she settled and she performed her like  real show  princess. So it wasnt a big surprise that  she  won junior  bitches and got Junior winner tittle, and  later on she  beat  all the great champion bitches  on  best bitch competition and  she won  her  second CC and another Winner tittle. She won also BOB, she  flyed around the ring and enjoyed all the applouses  she heard. In a big ring  she was shortlisted among the 7 best hound dogs, but  didnt  got any placement, this time,  but she is  just 13 months old. 

"Sanni" was so brave and she  was showing her  all long day so beautifully and nicely, so  it was  really a true pleasure  to be able to  with  her in  breed ring as well in  final rings.

"Pami" was  2nd best bitch & BOB-veteran  and  "Queen Täplä"  was 3rd best bitch with  CACIB. Sannis half sister "Bambu" got resCC.
Nightdream had also best breeded group and  we  was chosen among 9 best breeders at the  huge big  group competition of  BOB breeders.

On 9.12 was goldens judged and Our T-litters father Roi was BOB,
so  all his kids  can now wrote a new tittle before their dads name: W-07 (finnish: V-07)


Great news from Kennel Club: Pikkis - PB Thanks Again (Roi - Jeni) Hips: AA Elbows: 00 eyes: clear

28.10. Lahti Int show
Judge: Cristian Stefanescu, Romania

Jeni - Perfect Beast Much More Nuts

PBGV judge: John Wauben, NL
Curt EXC 2, best male 2nd with resCACIB

20-21.10. Seinäjoki Int Show
I spent a nice and very lonely weekend, without human companion, at Seinäjoki, with excellent results.
Goldens Judge on Saturday: Owe Germundsson, Swe

Jeni - Perfect Beast Much More Nuts

PBGV´s Judge on Sunday: Soren Wessentoft, DK

Curt - BOB with CACIB
Mäykky - Best bitch 2nd with resCACIB

Viivi, the child of  Curt and Mäykky was winner of junior class and got CC :-)) Well done Viivi & Nina!

It was a very nice journey back home, listening Radio Nova and straight Formula 1 competition and  final championship result was clear as I drove to my home yeard. Well done Kimi and viva Ferrari!

7.10. Oulu Int show
Judge: Kurt Nilsson, Swe

Pikkis - PB Thanks Again
JUN VG 2 - EH 2

26.09. C-litter 9 years!

Tauno is now a dad! Taunosta on tullut isi!
Check/Katso: Kennel Nightdream

16.9. Hyvinkää
Judge pbgv: Paula Rekiranta, Fin

Curt again  BOB and Lettu was 2nd best bitch and got her 2nd CC.

2.9. Halikko GRC´s  annual main show
Judge: Kathleen Greenwood, GB, kennel Telkaro

Jeni - Perfect Beast Much More Nuts

 2.9. Heinola Vierumäki, Salpausselän Piirimestaruuskisat
Tuomari: Sari Saarinen

Hani - Perfect Beast Jetset Queen (Paddy - Ruttunen) VOI 2/33p

1.9. "Jake" got  1st prize at field trial test  in Estonia, so he is now  also INT CH.

We are so  very happy!
Well done Jake and  Monika.

1.9. Vantaa Let´s Go Show
Judge: Svend Lövenkjaer, Dk

Jeni - Perfect Beast Much More Nuts

Judge  gave only 7 excellent, So I´m very proud of my little-Keni!

And this  was not the best of that day, straight  from golden ring I was running  back to basset ring where Curt  got again another BOB and his  daughter Bambu was BOS  with her second CC. Curt ended  his day  by winning  Group 1st  under Saija Juutilainen. Curt didn´t  compite at the  BIS final as I was at Halikko (Curt in the  car) with Jeni and best bitch competition  was quite late so there wasnt  any chance to be on time  at BIS-final,  rally man Markus Grönholm  can race but not me,  with Toyota Hiace!

27.8. Happy 5th birthday litter J (Paddy-Ruttunen)
&  M-litter (Paddy-Penni) 4 years  on  5.9.

26.8. Tervakoski Int show
Judge: Jukka Kuusisto, Fin

Jeni - Perfect Beast Much More Nuts

Bassets: Curt was BOB again and got CACIB and was BIG-3 and Mäykky was BOS and got also CACIB.

So it was  a very nice day once again.

19.8. Heinola
Judge: Saija Juutilainen, Fin

Jeni - Perfect Beast Much More Nuts

Bassets: Curt was BOB, being the only PBGV  who was awarded EXC under Eeva Resko,  breeder of Daragoj beagles.

Excellent news from FKC: Sisko - PB.  This And That (Roi - Jeni) Hips: AA Elbows: 00 eyes: clear
Liru  - PB. She´s So Cute (Paddy - Penni) Hips: BC Elbows: 00 eyes: clear
Tepa - Juno-Juhekin Kiljukaula (Ville-Barbara) Hips: AA Elbows: 00 eyes: clear

 12.8. Orimattila
Judge: Rauno Koskinen

Hani - Perfect Beast Jetset Queen (Paddy - Ruttunen) VOI1/ 40 p.

Well done, again!

News from FKC: PB. Quite Smashing  (Jake-Jeni) Hips: BB Elbows: 01 eyes: clear

11.8. Ikaalinen group show 4/6 & 5
Judge: Juhani Lappi, Fin

Another great day with bassets!
Well, Tepa was with us as usual, just cheking what  we was eating and what  interesting things are  going on.

Curt BOB, Täplä BOS, Sanni  CC, and  other little girls  got  JUN VG 2 & 3 and
Nightdream breeder group was 1st with HP and  finally BEST IN SHOW 4!

4-5.8.Turku allbreed show
Goldens was judged by Alberto Cuccillato, Italy and
PBGV´s was judged by Antonio di Lorenzo, Italy

Tauno - Perfect Beast Rainbow Magic

Jeni - Perfect Beast Much More Nuts

Bassets: Curt & Täplä took again BOS & BOB  and their little girl  took at her first show her  very first CC, only beated by his mother, the queen! So, it was a really nice  show weekend again!

30.7. Happy 4th birthday litter L (Paddy-Muru)

28-29.7. Vantaa Super Summer show & Pori Int. show
Nice weekend with bassets. Täplä and Curt  took both days BOB & BOS, again, Täplä beating Curt this weekend. At group finals Täplä  won at  Super Summer Show´s  GROUP 1st under Mr. Harri Lehkonen and  wasn´t at BIS competiton as we  were at Pori show where  she was GROUP 4th under Mr. Kari Järvinen.

22.7. Hyvinkää allbreed show
Well, nothing to  brag about...BUT luckily there is always bassets with us in shows so day ended nicely :-)))
Curt was BOB & BIG-2 and Täplä  was BOS.
PBGV´s was judged by Tapio Eerola and  group  judge was Saija Juutilainen.

Same time at the Pello show  "Pikkis" PB Thanks Again was JUN VG 1st. That  was nice result as judge Kurt Nilsson   gave only few EXC at that show.


Character test by Golden Retriever Club of Finland
Vehmaa 15.7.

Judges: Helena Suni & Helena Karves

Perfect Beast Player Dream (Jake-Jeni)

Great news from FKC: Perfect Beast Player Dream (Jake-Jeni)
Hips/lonkat: AA
Elbows/kyynerpäät: 00
Eyes/silmät: clear/terveet

6.7. Happy 1st birthday litter T (Roi-Jeni)

02.07 Paddy 6 years!

1.7. Karjaa
Judge: Jaana Hartus, Fin

Tauno  didnt got any better result this time... He needs to be more stronger....!! well I dont  want to breed molossies or mastifs ;-)) Nor sighthounds what i saw there...oh boy!
Better luck next time!

Salli - PB Pearly Bubbles
Looks like her gorgeous mom, or what do you think?

Also bassets was with us at Karjaa show.

Excellent!!! Lindström  got his final C.C. and got tittle FINNISH CHAMPION!
It was his first time to try to have CC and come CH.

His son Zorro won the junior classs with EXC and  got resC.C.
Mäykky was  2nd best bitch with resCACIB.

17.6. Hämeenlinna
Judge: Saija Juutilainen, Fin

Another nice day

Rusina - Perfect Beast Rum N´Raisin JUN EXC 2/ER 2

Kati´s Sesse was even better this weekend, he won males and got his second CC and was BOS, so no resCC this time :-))

16.6. JOUTSA Annual basset speciality
Judge. Vivien  Philips,  GB kennel Debucher

We had an very nice and long day at Joutsa.

Curt was EXC 1, Best Male 2nd and got CC. Pami was best bitch 2 and was awarded as best finnish born  petit. Madde EXC 2, Täplä EXC 3, Mäykky EXC and Zorro  VG. There was so few of us, but we still managed to get BOB  breeder rosett and day ended well as  we was BEST IN SHOW breeder group.

16.6 Lohja PAHA
Judge: Maikku Mönkkönen

Timi - Perfect Beast Not Bad At All m.190p, t. 71p = 261p, II tulos, HK1


group show
Judge Moa Persson, Swe

Rusina - Perfect Beast Rum N´Raisin JUN VG2/EH2

The very best news came in the evening. Hani has again compited at tracking test and she was the best!

 3.6.  Orimattila
Tuomari Seppo Markelin (ylit.) ja Ilkka Niemi, Matti Airomies, Hannu Palonen

Hani - Perfect Beast Jetset Queen (Paddy - Ruttunen) VOI1/ 47 p. Kokeen paras
om. Katja Lahtinen & Vesa Levo, ohj. Katja Lahtinen

"Hyvä varma lähtö. Koira lähtee jäljestämään reipasta vauhtia. Vauhti kuitenkin muuttuu jäljen aikana sopivaksi. Ensimmäisen osuuden alussa kaksi pientä lenkkiä. Muuten suorat osuudet hyvin. Makauksilla hyvät merkkaukset. Katkon selvittää nopeasti pienellä lenkillä. Toisella kulmalla pieni oikaisu, kolmannella kulmalla kaksi melko laajaa lenkkiä. Kaadon osoittaa nuuhkien ja kuonolla tökkien".

We are SOO proud of You Hani, Katja & Vesa

3.6. Lohja
Judge: Hannele Jokisilta, Fin

Again I was "handling" Sesse  with same result as yesterday: 2nd best male with res.CC.

Litti - Perfect Beast Triple Teaser JUN VG2/EH2

Rusina - Perfect Beast Rum N´Raisin JUN EXC 1, BB 3/ ERI 1, PN 3

2.6. Mouhijärvi
Judge: Vera Smirnova,  Est

I informed only my 2 young bitches, both  was at their very first official shows and they really got  everything I wanted and  even   extra more. I  handled also my "photographer"  Kati´s Sesse  for  best male 2 & res.CC (well  can it call handling when you are just  trying to keep  him steady). I´m also very pleased that Kiiramanna Double Nougat, a  daughter  of Jake and grand daughter to my very own Paddy  was  Intermediate class winner and 4th best bitch.

Litti - Perfect Beast Triple Teaser JUN VG1/EH1

Sisko - Perfect Beast This And That JUN VG3/EH3

Tyty - Perfect Beast Phoebe Buffay OPEN EXC 1, best bitch 2nd & C.C. - AVO ERI 1, PN 2 & SERT

28.05. Happy 2nd birthday our P-litter!

27.5. Parainen
Judge: Hans Lehtinen, Fin

What an excellent day, I had informed totally  5 dogs, but Jeni had to stay at home. So it was 4 of my gang  who was in a ring. First  entered Tauno and Kati´s Litti with not so good result, but if someone is SOOO lazy cow and  other one  is a small one,  so I understand the results.
Paddy has stayed at home almost one  year,  so I figured what should be a nice  show  for him and desided that I should have an opinion  of him out of world famous  finnish allround judge, Mr. Hans Lehtinen. We all thought that  he might  like  Paddy, and it was  so thrilling to notice that he really liked him, so Paddy  got  his  last and  third CC and  was best male and finally BOS. I´m so extra happy! Very well  done Paddy, he was showing  himself so excellently and  he was like flying in a ring. Not so usuall for  Paddy but this time  it happened in a right place. I was also very thrilled of my 2   young  bitches outing. Rusina got again resCC. Moonika  was in her second show  ever and  very first official and  right away got EXC 1st! She is  such a pretty girl or what you think? Like her mom! She just needs a little bit more  concentration and not so much eagerness ;-)

Rusina - Perfect Beast Rum N´Raisin JUN EXC 2, BB 4 & res CC/ ERI 2, PN 4 & VARA-SERT

Moonika- Perfect Beast Oozes Delight OPEN EXC 1/ AVO ERI 1

Paddy - Flanagan v.d. Golden Angels OPEN EXC 1, BM 1, CC & BOS/ AVO ERI 1, PU 1, SERT & VSP

Paddy´s son
AVALANCHE has now got official  health results:
Hips: BB and elbows: 0-0

20.5. Helsinki Aptus Int. show
Judge: Eeva Rautala, Fin

Rusina - Perfect Beast Rum N´Raisin JUN EXC 1, BB 4, BOS -junior

Jeni - Perfect Beast Much More Nuts OPEN EXC 3

While I was running around  with Rusina and Jeni, Kristiina and Sirkka  made great job at basset ring, Curt was BOS and got his very first CACIB and another CC to his credit, Mäykky was BOB with CACIB and Täplä BB-3. Day ended as  day before: Mäykky was BIG-2!

20.5. Rauma
Judge: Bob Whitney, Can

Rusina - Perfect Beast Rum N´Raisin JUN VG3/EH 3

Jeni - Perfect Beast Much More Nuts OPEN VG 1/EH 1

What an really odd judge!

The day was crowned later, as Curt the basset was BIG 2, Täplä was also with us and she was BOS.

14.05. Happy 10th birthday our B-litter!

11.05. Oulu Int show
Judge: Roberto Schill, Rom

Pikkis - Perfect Beast Thanks Again JUN EXC 4/ERI 4

09.05. Happy 5th birthday Ushi

06.05. Heinola
- Tracking result/Mejä-tulos
Judge: Ilkka Niemi

Hani - Perfect Beast Jetset Queen
VOI 2/ 31pistettä

06.05. Oulainen

Judge: Elena Ruskovaara, Fin

Pikkis - Perfect Beast Thanks Again JUN VG/EH

06.05. Honkajoki

Judge: Paula Sunbring, Swe
Group judge: Esko Nummijärvi, FIN

Another great day at Honkajoki.

Lindström - Curd Graf Von Schwerin was BOB, got again  one CC and  was also BIG-3

Mäykky - Nightdream  Jo De la Vallee was  BOS

05.05. Honkajoki
Judge: Andrzej Kazmierski, Pol
Group (7/8) judge: Ing-Marie Hagelin, Swe

I don´t know how many exclamation marks I should put to make  clear how  great weekend this was!!!!
Now there is four of them, as many as my PB dogs was at Honkajoki ;-)

Litti - Perfect Beast Triple Teaser JUN EXC 1/ERI 1

Rusina - Perfect Beast Rum N´Raisin JUN EXC 1, BB 3 & CC/ ERI 1, PN 3 & SERT, kiitos handlerille  sertistä!

Sera - Perfect Beast Queen Bee INTERMEDIATE EXC 3/ERI 3

Jeni - Perfect Beast Much More Nuts OPEN EXC 1, BB1, BOB and finally BIG-3

Perfect Beast breeder class  was 2nd with honor prize, again we arent so even, mayby someday.
Thank You all who made this  possible.

22.04. Sysmä
Judge: Raija Tammelin, Fin

Litti - Perfect Beast Triple Teaser JUN VG1/EH1

Rusina - Perfect Beast Rum N´Raisin JUN EXC 1, BB 2 & res CC/ ERI 1, PN 2 & VARA-SERT

22.04. Happy 1st birthday our S-litter!

Mäntsälä: Eeva Resko & Sysmä: Jaanu Hartus

Well, really nothing  special to be mentioned.
Rusina got  both times only VG, Mäntsälä she was placed  4th.  Jeni was only in Ruovesi and got  just straight EXC.

07.04. Happy 1st birthday Terppa!

31.3. Kokkola
Judge: Tuula Pratt, Fin

BOB PUPPY - 1KP & ROP pentu

Hyvä Pikkis!

Top golden 2006 results has announced: Jeni was 7th best bitch, its quite good as she competed only 2 months (8.4.-3.6) at 7 shows and  got some points of 6 of them. We didnt even had an opportunity to take part to those main golden events.
Im so happy that she got her first CC and right after that her second CC and it was quite thrilling that 3rd CC was coming in a row. She got also her first CACIB and also another on two weeks later.


11.3. Turku

We spent our  annual  "little-crufts" day at Åbo Åben Show, judge was Karin Haggård, Sweden, kennel Reedbank. "Litti" was is his very first show and was  4th in puppy class. "Keke" was  compiting at senior class and was 3rd. "Rusina" was junior class 2nd with HP. Jeni was  our bright star of the day and she won the CC/Champion class with HP and was best bitch and finally BOS. This 4 PB bred dogs also was our breeder group... quite mixed and  sooo different looking, but we got a very nice judgement (as we are soooo good) + HP. Thank you all handlers, specially our KEPO´s!!! And thank You Kati of all photos, again, as someone else  forgot to take  her camera with :-)), luckily this time all the  dogs papers was in my bag. And next time, make more sandwiches.

Litti - Perfect Beast Triple Teaser Puppy 7-9 months 4th

Keke - Perfect Beast Cool Callahan senior 3th

Rusina - Perfect Beast Rum N´Raisin Jun 2nd HP

Jeni - Perfect Beast Much More Nuts CC/Champ class 1st HP, Best bitch 1 & BOS


Excellent start to new show year.

24.2. Golden Special
Judges: males Val Tregaskis (Steval kennel) and bitches Cheryl Bawden (Darthill kennel), both from GB.

My dark Rusina got exc and placed  4th in junior class and my very own fat meat-ball Jeni got  surprise exc and placed even 3rd in open class.

Rusina - Perfect Beast Rum N´Raisin
This darker golden was in very hard condition. When standing she gives a picture of total balance as everything is in proportion. I particularly admired her reach of neck, layback of shoulder, topline & correct bend of stifle. Movement is stylish especially when viewed from the side and a larger ring would propably appear even better on the move.

Jeni - Perfect Beast Much More Nuts
Very nicely balanced bitch who could carry a little less weight. Having said that  she is such a  good representive of the breed I cannot penalty too much  for this. I loved her head, she is so feminine in expression. Beautifully constructed in front angulation and in rear angulation. Excellent topline and tailset. Moved well. I liked her a lot.

Best male of the Golden Special was Our U-litter´s father  Erinderry Lochlainn.

Even more excellent news

Fasu - Perfect Beast Ride The Night, Brother to Tauno & Rusina, got his result back from Kennel Club
> Hips AB, Elbows: 00 and Eyes: clear (mrd1)
Also Fasu´s little sister "Miitu"  has done very well. She was Best sable, she got honor prize at sable seniors, and was finally BEST IN SHOW 2. So as we have used to to say: not bad at all :-)))

And this is not the  end, we have more great results:
Our Paddys - Flanagan V.d. Golden Angels -  pups has got also some very good results:

Örkki - Nightdream Marshmallow Man
> Hips BB, Elbows: 00 and clear eyes

Krisse - Nightdream Leanne Love
> Hips BB, Elbows: 00 and clear eyes

Kiiramanna Viki Vikkelä
> Hips BB, Elbows: 00 and clear eyes

Micky Moon Vincenzo
> Elbows: 00

This news section starts with excellent news!

Tauno - Perfect Beast Rainbow Magic (his name is mixed of my first goldens "Pantteri" Nightdream Rainbow Rider and "Tara" Nightdream Flying Magic
> Hips BB, Elbows: 00 and clear eyes

Rusina - Perfect Beast Rum N´Raisin
> Hips CC, Elbows: 00 and clear eyes

So this two lovely young ones are something very special for future. Thank You Jake for this truly lovely babies.