NEWS 2008

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Nice  end  to  year 2008. Finnish  basset  club  has  finally published TOP PBGV  results  from year 2007. Täplä  was  TOP PBGV BITCH, Curt 2nd best male and  Nightdream  TOP breeder. So  we havent done  our  journeys for  nothing.

More results  you  can   see  on Nightream  pages


A Lot of  things  has  happened.

First of all,  my  godboy "Sherry" has  now  finally  come to  Finland  and  he is living  in family  Grön. Boys  has also  new  webpages, as an very special  swedish  boy   really needs  those.
Thank You  Kerstin Persson (kennel Poetry´s) and   Henric Frycstrand (kennel Dewmist) that  Kati  got  her new boy.

At Fin winner show  we  didnt  have  any   own  dogs, not  even   bassets.  But I spend  two really nice  days with dear  friends.


25.10. Seinäjoki
Judge: Rainer Vuorinen, Fin

Curt  was BIG-4, BOB  with CACIB

Asterix was  2nd  best  male after Curt and  got  his  last CC  for  his  FIN CH tittle, he got  also resCACIB. Thank You Kati for handling Asterix  to CH-tittle!

Curt´s daughter Viivi won bitches and   got also  her last  CC to  finalize her Fin Champion tittle, she got also CACIB and  was BOS  after  her dad.

It was worth to stay all long day, as  Curt was  4th in  group under Hannu Talvi.
Curt  was a only small legged in   1-4 best  group  final.
Sesse the golden was  VG3. Goldens was judged  by Irene Krogstad, Norway.

Jake is now back home on Estonia.
Thank you Monika  for letting  us to  have him and  we are so proud that    he got  his FIN CH tittle  when  he  was   with us.

Penni celebrated  her 10th birthday on 26.09

Judge PBGV:  Ligita Zake, Latvia
Curt BOB
Asterix EXC 1, BM 3 and resCC

Goldens was judged  by Helina Jürgens-Simberg, Estonia and I was in ring  with Sesse and he  was open class  winner and  3rd best male.


14.09. Zwolle,  The Netherlands
Flanagan v.d. Golden Angels "Paddy´s"   dad "Nemo"
Miray's Dream Mc.Mnenonic  got  his Dutch Veteran Champion tittle. Very well done. He is owned  by Mr & Mrs Driessen.

7.9.Kirkkonummi, Golden Ring Annual Championship Show
Judge: Mr & Mrs. Strudwick, GB

Jake - Ritzilyn Blues Brother VET EXC  2/VET ERI 2
Jeni - Perfect Beats  Much More Nuts OPEN EXC/AVO ERI

6.9. Helsinki  Mastery allbreed show
Judge: Matti Luoso, Fin

Jake - Ritzilyn Blues Brother VET EXc 1, Best male 4 & BOSvet/VET ERI 1, PU 4 & VSPvet
Jeni- PerfectBeast  Much More Nuts - OPEN EXC 2/AVO ERI 2

PBGV judge: Mr. Glen Dymock, Australia
Group judge: Paula Rekiranta, Fin

Curt - BOB & BIG-4
Täplä - BOS

23-24.8. We  had informed only basset  in showrings.  Curt was marvellous  and very nice boy, and  he was BOB  both days (judged by Harry Tast &  Göran Bodegård) and  got CACIB on  Sunday.  Täplä  was BOS on Saturday, she wasn´t informed on  Sunday  show. Curt  was  shortlisted among 6  best in group on Sunday.

Here you can see  just an superb  picture  of him on the move, all  4 paws in air: not flying finn not even  flying  dutchman, but just plain pure german on the move!

Sera- PB  Queen Bee   has made  some great  results in obedience,now she  has got final result  for TK 1.
Well done!

9.8. Tornio Int. show
Judge: Harri Lehkonen, Fin

Pikkis - PB Thanks Again (Roi-Jeni)
OPEN EXC 2 Best bitch 2, CC & resCACIB  - AVO ERI 2, PN 2, SERT &varaCACIB

Hyvä Pikkis!

Greetings earthlings!
A lot of  things has happened  after last update. Dear "Jake" got his CHAMPION tittle  from Finland, just   what   we hoped and really waited, since  now I really love judge Rajko Rotner,  kisses and  hugs! 

Bassets has   done also very  nice at shows and at Kuopio we had also their  speciality on friday. Quite busy  weekend,  but I managed that. I was there alone and  over nights  I had 5 dogs. Imagine how  much  cages and stuff I  had to every  morning fix in  right places at show ground. Our team  got some really  marvellous results, which I´m  very  happy for, specially when petit´s  got  high praises of their  true petit  type from all  special judges, really something to be proud of in  that  breed!  Not my dogs but still satisfied.
I   had good assistants; Kristiina,  Salla, Tanja & Tiia + one  one  day Sari  showed Pami on  our  breeder  group + Riikka   showed Jake in Sunday at BOBvet ring. On Saturday and Sunday Kristiina and I  asked hole  lot of peoples in  advance that if they could  help, but   almost  everytime, suddenly rest of the  girls arrived to help. So thank you also to everybody who  was scared for maybe they HAD to go to ring :-))

Weekend  was succesful also  in other part of Finland, particularly  at Orimattila  where was  blood tracking test and Hani got  her  last winner class 1st prize and become FINNISH TRACKING CHAMPION! I was  quite  speechless  when I got  that information... my very first  PB champion.  I´m so happy and  proud! 

My tears  come easily in that CH. case  and thats  because on Friday I have already got an sad note from Kati,  Our (in fact their) Keke has gone to doggyheaven. He had severe and big  tumor inside his nose.  It was  weekend  with  really mixed feelings. I´m happy  for Keke that he could spend such an   nice life with Grön family, I  always  knew they are keeping  good care of  my  Ruusberg, so I had  no  worries to rehome Keke to them 7 years ago. Loosing a  best friend  is  hard, you never  get used to that, even if you  have had  dogs  for ages.

6 pack of puppies has  grown nicely, they have   been very active all their  now almost 3 weeks of living, but thats not an miracle as mother is Moonika and  father is Tauno.  I try to put some old photos and   videos of them before Sawo shows  and shoot  some  new also ... maybe ... someday... I´ll try ;-)

Latest results \/

3.8. Orimattila Tracking  test
Main judge. Sari Saarinen

Hani - PB Jetset Queen (Paddy-Ruttunen)
47p/ Winner 1st prize
FINNISH TRACKING CHAMPION! My very first  homebred champion!

Very well done Hani, Katja & Vesa! I´m so  proud  of you.



Goldens judge:  Göran Bodegård, Sweden

Now I was ready with Jake early in the  morning ;-)) and  we didn´t miss the judging.
Jake - Ritzilyn Blues Brother VET EXC 1 & BOSvet/ERI 1 & VSPvet
Thank You Riikka for showing Jake at BOBvet ring.
And thank you MR H. of  nice  words :-) I heard them.

PBGV judge: Kresten Scheel, Denmark,  kennel  Scheel´s
Curt - EXC 1, BM1 CACIB & BOS - ERI 1, PU 1 CACIB & VSP
Täplä - EXC 1, BB 1, CACIB, BOB & BIG-1  - ERI 1, PN 1, CACIB, ROP & RYP-1

Curt  was  so happy all  weekend and  behaving  like an real nice hunny  boy in rings, well not in Sunday at BOB choosing and taking this photo but  thats just because  he´s truly  in love with  Täplä, who was in season that time

Madde - EXC 2, BB 2 resCACIB - ERI 2, PN 2 varaCACIB
Pami - EXC 1, BB 3 & BOBvet - ERI 1 PN 3 & ROPvet


Goldens judge:  Fred Peddie, Canada

Well, I missed Jakes  turn, I didnt  think  judge would  be that  quick, so  it´s all my fault, shame on me! I was at  ringsite when they delivered CACIB´s. We got the critic before  bitches started and  it was  very nice indeed and  Jake  got EXC. After that Jake  was at junior handler  competition and they  was picked  up among 8th best.

PBGV judge: Jose Homem De Mello, Portugal, kennel  Dos  Sete Moinhes
Curt - EXC3, BM 4  - ERI 3, PU 4
Täplä - EXC 1, BB 1, CACIB & BOB - ERI 1, PN 1, CACIB & ROP

Karkki - VG 1 - EH 1
Madde  - EXC 1, BB 2, CC=FIN CH, resCACIB -  ERI 1, PN 2, SERT=MVA & varaCACIB
Zelda - VG 2 - EH 2
Pami - EXC 1, BB 4 & BOBvet - ERI1 PN 4 & ROPvet
Nightdream breeder group 1hp/1kp
(Täplä, Madde, Pami & Karkki)

1.8. basset speciality
Judge: Robyn Wallis, Australia, kennel Rokeena

Curt - EXC2, BM 2  - ERI 2, PU 2
Täplä - EXC 2, BB 2 + honor prize for beeing the best  finnish  born  bitch  - ERI 2, PN 2 + kiertopalkinto  parhalle suomessa syntyneelle nartulle
Karkki - EXC 2, BM 4 & CC - ERI 2, PU 4 & SERT
Madde - VG 3 - EH 3
Zelda - VG4 - EH 4
Pami - EXC 1, BB 4, BOBvet & BIS 1-vet - ERI1 PN 4, ROPvet + BIS 1-vet
Nightdream breeder group 1hp/1kp + BIS 3
(Täplä, Pami, Karkki & Zelda)

Our swedish friends  PBGV  got her FIN Ch  tittel on that  show,  nice work Tezzy and Eldah!  And their golden boy  got CC also  friday in Kuopio. Their hound got his CHtittle last weekend in Pori show, handled  by Richard.


Goldens judge:  Inga Sill, Estonia
Jake - Ritzilyn Blues Brother VET EXC 3/ERI 3
Tanja showed Jake as I  was occupied  at  basset speciality,  this was Tanjas  first time in ring  with  golden, normally she  shows little havaneses,  luckily  she had an golden gentleman  to  be  with.

PBGV judge: Dan Ericsson, Sweden
Curt - EXC2, BM 2 resCACIB - ERI 2, PU 2 varaCACIB
Täplä - EXC 1, BB 1, CACIB & BOS - ERI 1, PN 1, CACIB & VSP
Karkki - EXC 1, BM 4 & resCC - ERI 1, PU 4 & varaSERT
Pami - EXC 1, BB 2 & BOBvet - ERI1 PN 2 & ROPvet
Zelda - VG 1 - EH 1
Nightdream breeder group 1hp/1kp
(Täplä, Pami, Karkki & Zelda)


Keke - Perfect Beast Cool Callahan
26.09.1998 - 01.08.2008


27.7. Pori
Judge: Vivian Boesmans, Belgium

Jake - Ritzilyn Blues Brother VET VG1/EH1

PBGV, judge: Theo Leenen,  Belgium
Curt - EXC 1 BM1, CACIB, BOB & BIG-4 - ERI 1 PU 1, CACIB, ROP & RYP-4

Asterix - EXC 1, BM 2, CC & RESCACIB - ERI 1, PU 2, SERT & VARA-CACIB

26.7. Raisio Allbreed  show
Judge: Rajko Rotner, Slovenia

Jake - Ritzilyn Blues Brother EXC1, Best  male 1st , CC=CH & BOS & BOSvet/

PBGV, judge: Hans Boelaars, The Netherlands
Curt - EXC 1 BM1 & BOS - ERI 1 PU 1 VSP
Asterix - EXC 1, BM 2 & CC - ERI 1, PU 2 & SERT


20.7. Ypäjä allbreed show
Judge. Paavo Mattila, Fin

Jake - Ritzilyn Blues Brother EXC1 & BOB vet/Jake  ERI 1 & ROPvet
I  stayed for  final ring  with Jake and   surprise surprise, he was shortlisted among 8th best, judge was Harto Stockmari. Some rivals I thought  might  placed was not even picked up. So very nice for Jake!

18.7. Puppies of Moonika & Tauno was  born,  see more from  puppypage. Jake is the  grandpap.

13.7. Karjaa allbreed show
Judge: Vera Smirnova, Est

Jake - Ritzilyn Blues Brother VET EXC1 & BOS VET/Jake ERi 1 & VSPvet

Curt - BOB & BIG-2/ROP & RYP2


Judge: Jean Jaques Dupas, France

Then it  was time  for world winner show,  we travel  there: me, Kristiina & Sirkka, we had only  PBGVs with us: Curt, Täplä,  Mäykky & Pami.
Our journey went  well and also  everything in showplace  was nice.  Yes,  we had to line up  for some time in parkink hall as well, but  thats  ok, we  was in  right time in ringside to get  good place and  to settle  down and  to change clothes. Our team wasn´t in its best  condition,  but  we  got  nice results to all our dogs. And also  one tittle, which  was won by Pami at veteran class,  so  she is  our new veteran world winner.

Curt best finnish owned male: ch class 4th.

Täplä was 3th  in ch bitches and Mäykky got EXC  also.

PHOTOS  PBGV:  here  You can find some photos  what  we took in Stockholm. Not so  good quality, but  something to look at. After  pbgv´s  we had little  time  to  goldens, but  just  the end. Here  You can  see the GOLDEN PHOTOS .

And  after wwshow  Jake came to us. He was as  charming as  always, happy to be with us and find all his  old friends

15.6. Forssa Int. show
PBGV Judge:  Evgeny Kuplyauskas, Russia

Curt - BOB & CACIB, we didnt  stay  for  final rings.
Täplä - Best bitch 2 & resCC
Pami -  Best bitch 3 & BOB vet

14.6. Kotka Int. show
PBGV Judge: Steven Seamour, Australia

Curt - Curd Graf Von Schwerin - Best male 2nd with resCACIB
Täplä - Nightdream Rhyme  De Moines - BOS CACIB
Pami - Nightdream  La Panza Ra -  Best bitch 2 & BOB vet
Madde - Nightdream Karla Du Pont - Best bitch 4 with resCC
Nightdream breeder class -  1 hp


We are going to  have  visitor  for  July to  ~beginning of August.
Jake is coming too see his  kids :-) And  he will be shown in   few shows and  maybe he will meet some girls if time is right. If you are interested,  dont hesitate to contact!

Jake tulee  meille vierailulle heinäkuuksi ja on johonkin elokuun alun tienooseen.  Hän  käy muutamassa  näyttelyssä ja  on tavattavissa  myös  tytöille, eli jos olet kiinnostunut Jakesta, ota yhteyttä.

Bloodtrack result
8.6. Orimattila

Judges:  Jukka Kuparinen (main),  Hannu Palonen, Matti Airomies

Perfect Beast Jetset Queen 38p/ winners class 2nd prize

2.6. Oulu GRC´s  character test
Judges: Carina Päivärinta & Anna-Maija Siponkoski

Pikkis - PB Thanks Again (Roi-Jeni)
Cleared test  with nice points! Well done  Pikkis.


17.5. Laitila
Judge goldens: Esko Nummijärvi, Fin

Jeni - PB Much More Nuts (Paddy-Penni)
Open EXC 1, BB 3 - avo  ERI 1 & PN 3

Judge pbgv: Juhani Lappi, Fin
Group & BIS judge: Esko Nummijärvi, Fin

Curt - Curd Graf Von Schwerin CH. EXC 1, Best male 1, BOB & BIG 21 & BIS 3
Täplä - Nightdream Rhyme De Moines  CH. EXC 1 Best bitch 1 & BOS

3.5. Koski Tl
Judge goldens: Arja Koskelo, Fin

Jeni - PB Much More Nuts (Paddy-Penni)
Open EXC 4 - avo  ERI 4

Vella - Perfect Beast Velvet Touch (Eri-Pirpana)
 G - jun  H

Judge pbgv: Paavo Mattila, Fin

Viivi - Nightdream Succes de Paris  INT EXC 1 & best bitch 1, CC, BOB & BIG-3

27.4. Lahti Int show
Judge goldens: Börge Espeland,  Norway, kennel Zenana

Jeni - PB Much More Nuts (Paddy-Penni)
Open EXC 2 - avo  ERI 2

Vella - Perfect Beast Vanilla  Velvet (Eri-Pirpana)
Jun  G -  nuo  H

Judge pbgv: Paavo Mattila, Fin
group judge: Kari Järvinen, Fin

Curt - Curd Graf Von Schwerin CH. EXC 1, Best male 1, CACIB, BOB & BIG 2
Täplä - Nightdream Rhyme De Moines  CH. EXC 1 Best bitch 1, CACIB & BOS


20.4. Kuusamo
Judge: Markku Santamäki, Fin

Pikkis - PB Thanks Again (Roi-Jeni)

19.4. Jyväskylä Int show
Judge goldens: Rafael Espigares Martin, Spain

Jeni - PB Much More Nuts (Paddy-Penni)
Open EXC 4 - avo  ERI 4

Judge pbgv: Paula Sunebring, Swe

Curt - Curd Graf Von Schwerin CH. EXC 1, Best male 1, CACIB  BOB

Täplä - Nightdream Rhyme De Moines  CH. EXC 2 Best bitch 2 &  resCACIB
Sanni - Nightdream Vanessa Paradis INT. EXC 1 Best bitch 3 & CC

19.4. Kiuruvesi
Judge: Soile Bister, Fin

Pikkis - PB Thanks Again (Roi-Jeni)

13.4. Kajaani
Judge: Riitta Liisa Lehtonen, Fin

Pikkis - PB Thanks Again (Roi-Jeni)

13.4. Golden Show, Pori
Judge: Helena Hellström, Swe, kennel Heatwave

Jeni - PB Much More Nuts (Paddy-Penni)
Open 2. hp  - avo  2. kp

Litti - PB Triple Teaser  (Roi-Jeni)
Int c2.hp -  nuo  2. kp

Keke - PB Cool Callahan (Dennis-Tara)
Senior 3

22.3. Rovaniemi
Judge: Hannele Jokisilta, Fin

Pikkis - PB Thanks Again (Roi-Jeni)
INT EXC 1, Best bitch 4 - NUO ERI 1 & PN 4


Jeni - PB Much More Nuts  (Paddy-Penni)
was GRC`s 5th best show bitch!
oli GRn  5. kaunein narttu 2007

Hani - PB Jetset Queen (Paddy-Ruttunen)
was GRC´s  5th best Tracking dog
oli GRn 5. paras  Mejä koira

Timi - PB Not Bad At All (Paddy-Muru)
was GRC´s  2nd best working dog
oli GRn 2. paras palveluskoira tulokas

Of course Our Paddy is  very  proud of  his succesful kids!

Kiitos Katja ja Taina aktiivisuudesta koirienne kanssa.
Isä Paddy on tietenkin erityisen ylpeä jälkikasvustaan!


PBGV judge: Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Fin
Group judge: Annukka Paloheimo, Fin

Curt - Curd Graf Von Schwerin CH. EXC 1, Best male 1, CACIB  BOS
Eve - Nightdream Lola De Levis JUN. EXC 1, Best bitch 3, resCC
Sanni - Nightdream Vanessa Paradis INT. EXC 1 Best bitch 2, resCACIB & CC
Täplä - Nightdream Rhyme De Moines  CH. EXC 1 Best bitch 1, CACIB, BOB & BIG 4


16.3.  goldens judge: Jos de Cuyper Belgium
Sera -PB Queen Bee  (Jake-Pipsa)
OPEN class VG - AVO EH

Males: Åsa Lindström, kennel River Race, Swe
Bitches: Bengt Danielsson kennel Crusade, Swe

Sisko - PB This And That (Roi-Jeni)
Novice 2. hp -  2 kp

Litti - PB Triple Teaser  (Roi-Jeni)
Open 4

Jeni - PB Much More Nuts (Paddy-Penni)
CC/CH   2. hp + Best bitch 5 - SERT/MVA 2. kp + paras narttu 5

Keke - PB Cool Callahan (Dennis-Tara)
Vet 4

Nappi - PB Evening Joy  (Dennis-Tara)
Vet 5

And last but not  least Our even much "similar" breeder class than last year  was surprise BIS-2 (out of 7 or 8 groups),
with Keke, Litti, Sisko & Jeni.

Kiitos mukana olleille, harvoille kylläkin, mutta joukossahan hauskuus tiivistyy, vai oliks se sittenkin tyhmyys vai mikä?  Ens vuodeks koitetaan löytää viel  epätasaisempi ryhmä niin ehkä se voitto sit heltiää :-))  Mietintä myssyt jo nyt päähän, et saadaan  tasan tarkkaan  "hyvä" ryhmä  TAAS koolle. Mutta kuten todettiin, että sehän on  se moninainen huippulaatu joka ratkaisee eikä mikään helkutin yhdennäköisyys ryhmän muihin  verrattuna.


27.1. TURKU
Judge: Hans Lehtinen, Fin

Nappi - PB  Evening Joy (Dennis-Tara)
vet VG 2 - EH 2

Judge: PBGV: Manola Poggesi Arnetoli, Italia

Curd Graf Von Schwerin EXC 2, Best male 2, resCACIB
Nightdream Succes De Paris  EXC 1, Best bitch 3 resCACIB
Nightdream Vanessa Paradis EXC 1 Best bitch 4
Nightdream Karla Du Point EXC 1 Best bitch 2 resCACIB & CC
Nightdream Rhyme De Moines EXC 2
Nighdtream La Panza Ra EXC 1 BOB vet

Nightdream BOB breeder: Viivi, Sanni, Pami & Täplä

So very excellent day with bassets!