NEWS 2009

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My  godson  "Sherry" Dewmist Sheridan has been on  quick family visit in his old  homecountry  and trip was  very successfull, he  got  SE (SH) CH tittle 22.8.  He was  placed  best  dog  class three  times of  four shows: BD 3 and  2 x BD 2. Thanks  You   Henric for all help, arrangements and showing Sherry  in his   tittle  winning  show and   thank you  also  Gunilla & Ulrika.


Pori Int show 2.8.
Judge: Manuel Borges

We had only  petit  Curt and  he was  BOB, CACIB and  BIG4 under Arvi Ellmen, Finalnd

Oulu int shows 18 & 19.7.
Judges: Harri Lehkonen  and Steven H. Seaymour

Curt BOB with CACIB  & Best male 2
Täplä  BOS  with CACIB  both  days

Curt´s  son Nightdream  Vaco Da Gama  was shown  for  the  very first time and  he was  Best male  2 with CC and  second day BOB  with  CC and CACIB. What an lovely  boy.


12.7. Karjaa allbreed show
Goldens  were  judged  by Leila Kärkäs .

My "Penni " PB  Cute But Stupid  was   BOB veteran
Penni  is 10 years  and  9  months

Bassets and  group were  judged  by Leni Finne, Fin.

Also  bassets had great  results Curt  was BOB & BIG-4 and Mäykky  was BOS. 

Lovely  doggydaddy and  news from abroad tells that grandpap Jake is  now officially  also BALT VetCH.


5.7. Hyvinkää
goldens judge: Filip Johnsson, Sweden kennel Dainty´s

PB  Under  My Spell "Onni" in his   bikinis  got VG, just  what i wanted.
Nightdream  Blue Angel "Eevi"  EXC 3
and  my godson Dewmist  Sheridan "Sherry"  made Our day just soooo  perfect  being  BOS  and  got   his  4th CC.


Hämeenlinna  28.6.
PBGV Judge: Paula  Rekiranta, Fin

Curd Graf Von  Schwerin BOS

My  godson Dewmist  Sheridan  was  BOS & got  CC, judge  was Anne Livo Buvik, Norway

7.6. Salo
PBGV Judge: Paula Rekiranta, Fin

Nighdream Isidore Ducasse BOB


24.5. Helsinki Aptus Show
PBGV Judge: Lisbeth Mach, Switzerland

Nightdream Rhyme De Moines BOS & CACIB


23.5. Rauma
PBGV Judge: Theo Leenen, Belgium

Curd Graf Von  Schwerin  BOB and  finally BIG-2 under Harri Lehkonen

Nighdream Isidore Ducasse BOS


16.5. Varkaus
PBGV Judge: Ligita Zage, Latvia

Curd Graf Von  Schwerin BOS
Nighdream Isidore Ducasse BOB

judge: Andrzej Stepinski ,Poland

Dewmist Sheridan CC & best male 2
Perfect Beast Thanks Again EXC 4

3.5. Turenki
PBGV Judge: Taina Nygård, Fin

Hetti Gräfin Von Schwerin CC & BOB

I  took some  photos  of pugs while  waiting.


26.4. Vaasa Int. show
PBGV Judge: Harry Tast, Fin, also  group  judge

Curd Graf Von  Schwerin BOB & GROUP WINNER!
Nighdream Isidore Ducasse  BOS

Goldens: Perfect Beast Thanks Again VG

19.4. Pyhäsalmi
Judge: Harri Lehkonen, Fin

Perfect Beast Thanks Again "Pikkis" (Roi-Jeni)
OPEN EXC 1, Best bitch 1 CC & BOB


14.3. Tampere Int. show
PBGV Judge: Peter Beyersdorf, Germany

Nighdream Isidore Ducasse CC=CHAMPION,  CACIB & BOB

Golden: Perfect Beast Venice Angel VG/EH


Turku  Åbo Åpen Show
Judge males Helene  Nyberg (kennel Guess) and bitches Susanne  Bjökman (kennel Roxanne), Swe

Our traditional  annual show. Started my trip  with not less than  two kilometres  from home   "parking" our  hiace  in a ditch. Luckily  I had  "Onni" ("Lucky")  with  me!  With  happy  faces  I continued my  trip  with my  own  little Opel Astra and  5  dogs in  backseat (2  bitches in season) and  picked  up  my  mother  to help  us in the  show. And there  we was in time in  showplace. I had even so much  time to show  our vaccination  papers and  leaving  bags  of my  hands  and  picking   show leash, taking  some  goodies and going in the ring just in the  right  place to  start   running  around with "Puppy".  Yep, I had  dog  with me... not only leash!

Åbo Åpen Show  has  always  been one   of  my  favorite shows,  as  the  atmosphere is  always  so nice. Kati has  all his  family  with  her  again, so   we had   some extra  helpful  hands. Julia  showed Penni in  best head  competiton and   in my/our  breeder  class. On the  photo   she is   with  her own Litti.

Perfect Beast  breeder  class  was  3th best (Litti, Jeni, Penni & Rusina)

We had also  some nice placement.  Best of  us  was  my  godchild  "Sherry"  who  won  champion/CC class and  beat  all the males and   was later BEST IN SHOW 2.  "Vacker hane av utmärkt typ. Vackert huvud och uttryck. Fin hals, överlinje, vällagd skuldra-överarm. Utmärkt brösten, ben o tassar. Mycket välvinklat bakställ. Rör sig med stil och elegans. En mycket fin helhet. Härlig hund. Välvisad." - Helene Nyberg 

Perfect Beast Wicked Witch "Pentu" (Tauno-Moonika)
Puppy  class 7-9 months 3rd.

Perfect Beast  Under My Spell "Onni" (Danny-Ushi)
Novice class 1st + HP

Perfect Beast Triple Teaser "Litti" (Roi-Jeni)
Open class -

Perfect Beast Cute But Stupid "Penni"  (Dennis-Tara, 10.5 years old and  her  second  show ever)
Veteran class 3rd.

Perfect Beast  Rum N Raisin "Rusina"  & Perfect Beast  Much More  Nuts "Jeni"
Champion/CC  class -


Orimattila´s  Kennel  club  has awarded  "Hani"  Perfect Beast  Jetset Queen (Paddy-Ruttunen) as  best  Tracking  dog and    she  got also special  trophy  of her   Tracking Ch. tittle.


Porvoo GRC´s  annual main speciality
Judges Mr Ray Scholes (kennel Rossgilde) and Mrs Fiona  Coward-Scholes (kennel Rosslana), GB

Perfect Beast  Whoopee Doo "Moppe" (Tauno-Moonika)
owner: Mai Pajarinen
7-9 months old puppy class winner with  HP & 2nd best male puppy

Rusina- Perfect Beast Rum N´Raisin

And my, Sherry (Dewmist Sheridan)  was in the ring for the  first time in Finland.
He was intermediate class  EXC 2 & best male 4 and  got  his first  FIN CC!


Pikkis PB Thanks Again (Roi-Jeni)  has been  shown  few  times.
Raahe  31.1.  OPEN EXC 3/ AVO ERI3
Kajaani 11.1. OPEN VG/ AVO EH


Turku show 24.1.
Judge was longtime  breeder and true  pbgv  specialist Mr. Per C Knudsen, kennel Morebes, Denmark.

Had  to make trip to Turku just by  myself. I was in a  ring  with petit  Taco - Nightdream Don Corleone,  who won  junior  class and  got EXC and  finally  he was even 2nd  best male and  got his first CC and what a CC that  was!

We  really  do have a bunch of puppies at the moment.  Few  years  has  gone with just  an litter a year. BUt now, Sisko and  Liru had puppies and also Pirpana is  going to have  her pups  in beginning of  February.


TOP  2008  PBGV results  just  published.
Täplä  won TOP  BITCH again!
Curt  was  again 2nd best male.

And  Nightdream  TOP  breeder.

More results  you  can   see  on Nightream  pages