Whipping Post was founded in the mid 90s in Jyväskylä, a small but vibrant town in central Finland. After various line-up changes, as well as minor style tweakings, the present band has stayed almost same for several years now and could be considered THE definitive Whipping Post!

Whipping Post's music could be best described as retro-hard-rock. We have drawn influences from various sources, especially from the music of the 70s. Each individual member has also brought his own musical background into the whole, making it a fascinating mixture of music past and present.

Whipping Post has been gigging frequently in Finland for a long time already, and the gigs have always been tasteful combinations of rock classics and the original material. Along with time the band has also evolved into an experienced and solid performer with the necessary classic Rock-attitude!!

The band has released several indie records. The latest one, Cat O' Nine Tales, reveals the full hard power of the group, which has been also noticed world wide!! See more on www.facebook.com/whippingpostband