I met a lady but it went too far
We hit it on and it fit like a glove
As I thought that funky days had come
Too late to notice: I still had none

Says she loves me and then hates my guts
Takes all my money, my life is in the ruts

Devil lady came my way
Wrecked my mind insane
Devil lady donít mean maybe
Is she here to stay?

The gorgeous lady staying by my side
But Iím depressed aní stay awake all night
The ball and chain; it wasnít meant that way
Iím lost aní lonely Ďthough sheís here to stay

Swear to God Iím gonna set me free
Iíll take the lead and Iím gonna make her see


All I ever wanted to see
was the way that's only meant for me
Everything went wrong right away
when I met you on that sunny day

You control my life somehow
All I had is long gone now
In this life of agony
There's nothing left for me

This is the last time
I'm gonna tell you babe
I can't go on this way
'cos you make me crazy
This is the last time
I'm gonna tell you babe
Our thing is over now
an' I don't mean maybe

Thinking 'bout the life I used to live
I could take but I sure couldn't give
No-one to be responsible for
It seems that you want to change it all

Can't take this no more
I need help for sure
This ain't right for me There's no way to be


Heatwave for a fortnight
Itís time to get excited now
Summer breeze is blowing so fine
Find your place Ė the best that can be found

Life is easy in the city
All the joys are coming near you
Seventh heaven in the country
How I wish that you were here

Get your kicks on a breezy highway
- Every day!
Just donít miss whatís coming down your way
- Donít be late!
Seize the day!

High heels on a hot street
Strolling down the downtown lane
The tension is arisiní
Making my life so sweet

Way down the memory lane
I wanna stay there forever


In the night when lie awake in bed
I can hear some-one's calling out my name
I walk out and head towards the shore
The voice say now it's your time to go

Thru the night my ship sails at the open sea
and the waves tell their secrets to me
In the air the sound of the storm's so near
I don't mind 'cos now I have no fear
Sailing away

When the tide is high I'll set my course
The star and moon will light my way
Still don't know why I am on this journey
But I'm sure when It's my time to turn back

All this time I've been thinking about
the things we've gone thru
and I know they can't separate us
When I see your name in the million stars
it is my time to return


Play that melody again
Please come out, I know you're there
Many years have pass you by
Leave this empty ship behind
Now it's time to change your course
and step in to the shore
Stories to be told
Moments to share but you say:

Here I'm safe nothing can harm me
In this wreck where no-one can see
I don't care what's gonna happen
They'll sink this ship at 7 PM

You have lived your whole life here
The only world you know about
Now it's time to say goodbye
Leave this empty ship behind
The face in the window
Allmost change it all around
You went half the way
but were too afraid and you said:

Here I'm Safe

People came to see you play
Some came for the challenge
Many had come from far away lands
The world had spread all around the world


Deep in the jungle a madman was on the loose
He had come up with a world with its own rules
A few good men were sent to terminate his command
The further they went the better they could understand

To the heart of darkness

It was as if the river had sucked them in
They couldn't see him yet
but they thought they really could feel him
They were afraid of what was ahead of them
But stronger than fear was the desire to confront him

Deep in To the heart of darkness the men would go
If there's no return they wouldn't know

On the river they thought
that they'd know just what to do
But the madman knew more, ahead of them all the time


On the fourth day of my travel
on my way round the sun
the strangest sight caught my eye
on my sensory screen.A hazy shape
slowly appeared before my eyes
A sweet voice said:
on my journey thru time and space
I got something to tell

We are born from the dust of the stars
on the edge of the milky way
We are here for a greater meaning
not by chance

I asked her: where are you from
she gave me a smile. I came from
the other corner of the universe
I am here
to teach you the deepest mysteries of life
so listen well

We are born
from the dust
of the stars
on the edge of the milky way


Knuckle Sam approaching the doorway
Here I am, out on a wrong day
Sam the man, looking for trouble
Do what you can, drink up your double

Itís ten pm, good folks are relaxiní
Knuckle Sam is just strolliní in
After his dues, pay now or pay never
A good excuse: itís trouble forever

Nowhere to hide, Knuckle Samís in town
Stay awhile, while you get your head stoved in
What a ride, heíll bring you down
Heís caused an awful lot of misery

No help around, the men in blue all play along
Watchiní away aní actiní as if nothingís wrong
Itís never easy to stand alone to protect your rights
So itís Knuckle Sam, guaranteed to win the fights


On a lonely highway not a soul insight
Million miles behind me thru a sleepless night
This road is never ending. The road I chose for me
The only one I know now. It's my destiny

This forsaken journey is it frend or foe
It's my only yearning shall I never know
No-one there to reward me. The final courtain call
There's still the lonely highway when my day is done

At the end of the lonely highway


In the dead of night memories lying by my side
No remedy to ease my pain
Itís nowhere to be found

All the wrong deeds that were made
Still haunt me, life turns gray
To make it right, who can say?
There is a price to pay

Cold November rain
Long lost freedom, tragic kingdom
Cold November rain
Brings its frozen chain
Cold November rain
flooding my chambers with endless tears
Cold November rain
Leads me through the years

My life behind closing doors
Rusty bars and staring walls
Silent screams from the other side
Never meant to be heard

How long can this go on?
My life is the saddest song
All given, but no gain
Iím left with autumn rain

Where can I find some peace of mind?
To learn not to go way out of line
How can I find the truth within?
Please, keep away, November rain