Norwegian forest cat has evolved in the cold and windy climate of Norway. The ancestors of norwegian forest cat are supposed to be short-haired cats from the age of the Vikings and long-haired cats of crusaders. Norwegian people were attracted to the breed as early as in the 1930's. There were few representatives of the breed in the cat show of Oslo in 1938. The breed of norwegian forest cat was approved by FIFe in 1977, when the standard was made official. The model was Pans Truls whose descendants Pans Trude and Pans Toro were imported into Finland in 1979 as the first norwegian forest cats. EurCh Contessa, DM, 1989 - 1997, fourth generation descendant of Pans Trude and Pans Toro, poses in the figure above.

Norwegian forest cat is a quite big cat. Males are considerably larger than females. Norwegian forest cats are strong and muscular cats. Body is tall and hind legs are higher than front legs. The head is triangular, nose is long, profile is straight and jaws are forceful. Ears are relatively large and are covered by a lynx like tuft.

The coat of norwegian forest cat is long and fleecy. It is covered by long and smooth oily-like hair that protects cat from cold and dampness. The coat is very easy-care. Neck and hinds legs are covered by longer and softer hair. All the variations of colors of the coat are allowed. Tail is long and very furry. Seasons are visible from neckhair and the length of the coat.

Norwegian forest cat is friendly and sociable. It can be talkative also, but not loud. It is willingly inside homes. However, outdoor activities are good for it's coat and hair. It's not wise to leave a norwegian forest cat, especially a female one, outside without control. Norwegian forest cat learns easily to take outdoor excerises with lead. It is agile and skillfull climber and jumper. Hence, it is useful to have a tree for climbing in the garden.

Norwegian forest cat looks like mystic wildcat of the fairytales. It has fascinating and elemental tameless character. So it is a very interesting pet.

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