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Castello is owned by Mr Raimo Aalto together with his daughter Minna Nikmo, who is the riding instructor as well as a competitive rider herself, mostly eventing and showjumping. Castello was founded in 1989, so 2005 will be the 16th year for the riding school.
  I wish You truly welcome to this official homepage of Castello and of course, if You have the chance, to meet us here in Yyteri. In Castello, there are about twenty nice riding horses and really friendly and helpful people waiting for You. We have a cosy atmosphere and you'll soon feel at home.
  I will  try to update the page regularly. There will be for example even more photos in the future. Unfortunately most of the material is and will be in Finnish, but if You want anything translated, just mail me.
Love, Laura Erkkola

The Location & Surroundings

The first five years Castello spent just in the outskirts of Pori, but in the spring 1994 the riding school and its horses moved permanently to the countryside of Yyteri, where they had already been arranging summer riding camps before.
  So today you will find Castello Riding School nearby the town of Pori, in the western coast of Finland. It's located in the surroundings of Yyterin Kartano, an estate from the late 19th century. The yellow stable yard buildings were built back in the 1920's. From a few kilometres from the riding school lies the long and sandy Yyteri beach, which is quite an unique place in the whole Northern Europe. On horseback, you'll reach the dunes and the beach in about half an hour.

The Horses

We have at the moment 12 riding school horses. All of them are safe and properly schooled. Many of them have been and are competed in dressage, showjumping and / or eventing. Four of our horses are ponies (1 Shetland and 3 crossings), and three warmblooded riding horses. The others are purebred Finnish horses, of which the smallest are nearly pony-sized and the biggest ca. 160 cm high. (Here you can see more information of all our horses - now in English!)
  The Finnish horse is an unique all-rounder breed: they are used as well riding horses (the best ones can jump even 1.30 m classes and learn advanced dressage movements), racehorses (the Finnish horse is the fastest cold-blooded trotter in the world) as working horses in farms. They are usually chestnut in colour, around 15.0 - 15.5 hh (but there are also lots of smaller and higher ones) and fairly strongly-built, with thick mane and tail. They remind somewhat of the Austrian Haflinger ponies. As riding horses, they are extremely friendly and calm, yet willing and forward-going, with nice paces to sit and easy to handle and school. We have also some other Finnish horses that are not used in the riding lessons, for example our homebred young charmer Castellon Pietari, whose father, a black stud stallion Pellervo has won four gold medals in a row with Minna in Finnish horses' Showjumping Championships 1999-2002!

Riding Facilities

For riding lessons we have two large outdoor arenas (the both are properly fenced and the larger one is also lighted for the dark winter nights). In addition there is a small indoor manege if the weather turns bad or the ground is icy. There is plenty of  equipment for jumping and also some small cross-country obstacles.  The surrounding forests are full of sandy trails and quiet logging driveways suitable for riding so you can have a quick warming up / cooling down in the woods before or after riding in the manege, or a longer hack.In addition to the Yyteri beach there is also another one in Mäntyluoto that is allowed to ride on. It is also possible for a beginner to have a hack on the trails nearby the stables but to ride to the beach you should have somewhat riding experience.
  Riding lessons and hacks are arranged all the year round, and specially for foreigners a snowy winter hack to the frozen, quiet sea shore could be an outstanding experience (as long as You'll have enough clothes on...). We also have several riding camps mostly in the summer, also for Your own groups according to Your wishes. Also, the hotel, camping site and other facilities of Yyteri Recreation Center are a couple of kilometres away from the riding school. (Here can you find some more photos from the beach and forest...)

Here is the price list for visitors:
    * Riding lesson                                                  15 €
     (or riding on your own in the school, but under supervision)
    * Pony riding in a lead rein for children, ½ hour   9 €
    * Guided hack in the forest, 1 hour                    22 €
    * Guided hack in the forest and beach, 1,5 hours 30 €
    * Guided hack in the forest and beach, 2 hours    38 €

Contact Information

If You have any comments or questions about this homepage or the Castello riding school, You can E-mail me to I will answer with pleasure!
Also, if You want to have any further information of Castello, You can contact me via E-mail. I will deal with any arrangements with the riding instructor and the stable!
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