Amiga parport <-> Iomega ZIP interface!

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- performance
- problems
- hardware
- files
- information about mountlists, filesystems, ppazip.device

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It is a ZIP-specific parallel port extension, it doesn't process the data in any way. It is required because the Amiga parport lacks some I/O lines the PC port has.

It uses a parallel port and a joystick port. So direct-to-ZIP recording with std 8-bit samplers cannot be done. AARGH! But who does it anyway...


- any Amiga
- a parallel port and a joystick port
- a few lines addition to

Additional software:
- filesystem you like to use (CrossDos, FastFileSystem...)
- system format command (in case you want to format FFS disk, for example)


64 kBytes/sec R/W on Amiga 500, 7MHz, OS1.3. ZIP formatted as FastFileSystem disk. The speed on both read and write was the same. It took almost one minute to list the names of 500 files + 100 directories to a file on the same volume. So you get quite resonable figures even on the slowest Amiga!


One problem has been the audio filter. It turned on when accessingthe drive. But that's fixed in v0.7.

Another thing is the need of DiskChange when you change disks. Again, that's not so hard, is it? DiskChange is a long name to type, so it's more comfortable to use an alias called "dc".

The most serious problem comes with PC ZIP disks, because I haven't been able to use them at all! However, Bruce Abbott told me that the disks worked "right out of the box" on his Amiga. The problem is in the filesystem. At least MessyDOS won't work but the WB3.0's CrossDOS does.

Also, I've noticed that Filemaster2.2 doesn't play music modules correctly, the ppazip causes some jumping every now and then.



- 2 D-type angle connectors (male and female)
- 1 TTL open collector buffer 7407
- 1 capacitor approx. 1uF
- some wire from an old joystick (needs FIRE, BACK, FORWARD, LEFT, RIGHT)



The ppazip archive, Iomega ZIP Parallel Interface software

ZIP0: mountlist - Amiga FastFileSystem ZIP disk (OS 1.3 compatible)
ZIP0 - OS 2+ FastFileSysytem mount (included in the archive)
ZIPC - OS 2+ CrossDOSFileSystem mount (included in the archive)

Circuit board

Show me the board layout picture, please (don't use this one, may have bugs left)!

Protel Trax file
Postscript file

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