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BuzzIndexer v2.1 Lite (22-Oct-2003)

Buzz Indexer is a simple freeware tool for creating and editing Jeskola Buzz Tracker's index.txt file.

Screenshot of Buzz Indexer

Fixes in v2.1 (22-Oct-2003):
- List missing machines: does not count machines built into Buzz nor items beginning with hyphen (-)
- menus are enabled/disabled correctly after changing the Buzz directory setting
General features:
- treeview for displaying / editing the index
- machine info (type of machine, short name, full name, author texts)
- Trim: remove items that exist in the index
- List missing machines: lists machines that are found in the index
  but not in the machine lists (make sure you have full machine listing,
  run Refresh! function beforehand)
- drag / drop (move) machines from lists to the index
- drag & drop inside the index (you can do most of the operations, but not with multiple items)
- basic treeview item editing (insert, insert sub item, delete, rename)

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