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TextFilter 2014-01-18 (click to download)

This application is a random collection of text manipulation functions I've needed every now and then.

There is no decent documentation. The application is a bit clumsy for repetitive tasks (no custom keyboard shorcuts, everything on the main menu), and it was not designed to be released in the first place. Some of the features have been proven useful, and that's why I've released this tool.

TextFilter with a snippet of code sorted by line length (screen capture from an old version)

What is it good for?

Edit and Process text/HTML.
Processing: taking the text from the Source view and placing the results into Results view.

Load, save, start a new text... cut, copy, paste... the usual. What is unusual is that there are two views: the source and the results. The processing functions do not modify the original text (the source), but creates the modified version into the results view. You can edit/save the text from which ever view you have activated, but the actions in the Process menu only process from the source to the results. To avoid mistakes, the Process menu is disabled when the results view is activated.

A screenshot showing the Process menu with subitems

* General:
- edit, save, load, clear
 - open files from Windows methods (command line, Send To, drag & drop)
 - shows a confirmation dialog if the selected file looks like a binary file (no HEX viewer here!)
- convert selected text UPPERCASE / lowercase
- filter out consecutive whitespaces
- filter out non-printable (limit to 7-bit ASCII)

* Textline actions:
- remove empty lines
- reverse
- sort lines (by alphabetical order and line length)
- trim whitespaces out from left / right / left+right
- join / with whitespace filter / force space between lines
- join Source and Result with optional delimiter string
- pre/postfix lines
- remove prefix (replace the given beginning of line with nothing)
- extract filenames / pathnames

* HTML actions:
- add linefeed after closing tags (like /P, /TR)
- extract SRC references (paste HTML into source and find the URLs in the results)
- IMAGE MAP: scale/offset coordinates, also preview the map areas

* File operations:
- batch rename files (rename Source as Result)
- convert GPX files (trackpoints) to CSV files (drop GPX files onto TextFilter and see)

What more?

* Dragging files into the TextFilter window:
- open a selected file
- list filenames of all files dropped into TextFilter
- batch conversion (only GPX to CSV for now)
* Compare text against the text on clipboard.
* Show a list of the formats currently on the clipboard.
* Convert a contacts list to VCARD

There is no TO DO list, but I've left some ideas here (so that I myself will not lose these)
- Pascal-to-BASIC, BASIC-to-Pascal
- scramble (randomize text lines)
- break lines
- upper case, lower case, sentence case, random case
- tabs to spaces (1 tab = x spaces)
- spaces to tabs (x spaces = 1 tab, alternative method [different result]: n+ spaces -> 1 tab)