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The Svanberg family consist of my husband, Eero, myself and our two daughters, Stella and Sara. We live in Vantaa quite near Helsinki, the capital city.

We only keep three dogs at home and the rest of the Behukai team members live quite close to us so that  we can see them often.

Stella and C pups

Being the mother to two small children is quite time-consuming and I often feel like a chauffeur and cleaning woman. Still, it is thanks to our dear daughters that our Behukai pups get early socialization and usually adore kids even when grown-ups!
I am very interested in health-testing our own dogs and only use tested familiar dogs for breeding.

My aims in breeding are to try to maintain excellent movements and an "old-fashioned" appearance. I am building up two separate breeding lines: the first one is more showy and "more sophisticated" and the second one is based on Avongara Basenjis. The second one is something that I find extremely exciting and will be monitoring closely. Needless to say, all our dogs are health-tested and all puppies are micro-chipped and checked by the vet before they leave.

Niki and Boris