Behukai Bronze Star ("Zaida")


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(Avongara Sineri * Behukai Angel Rose)

Synt. / D.O.B. 14.12.2004

Omistajat/ Owners: Taru Ekman & Tia Svanberg, Espoo

Kasvattaja / Breeder: Tia Svanberg



Photo: Sanna-Maija Helevä (Dakarai)






' Smartly moving bitch, good head, eye and ear placement. Well angulated.'

Phillip John, India

'Lovely young bitch. Nice wrinkle and ear. Lovely deep chest for her age. I'm sure her tail will tighten with age. She shows great quality in movement. Good luck with her!'

Gillian McDowell, Ireland




















Terveystestit   /   Health

- lonkat A/A   -   Hips: normal
- silmät puhtaat (ei PPM)   -   eyes clear, no PPM
- kilpirauhanen normaali + TgAA negat.    -    thyroid tested normal, also TgAA negative
- terve fanconi-kantaja               - carrier of Fanconi (still, both parents have tested clear from Fanconi syndrome...)