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Photo: Hanni Joronen

I am building up two separate lines of Behukai Basenjis. The first one is based on more "showier" types that we are used to seeing at dog shows and the second one is based on the so-called "New Imports" or "New Africans" that were imported to the United States in 1987-88.
These new imports have proven themselves in breeding both health and temperament wise. When I studied at the university of Helsinki, I came across pictures of Basenjis in my exam books on egyptology. This is when I started my journey and search for the "original" type - whatever that is! After this, I started to follow the new Avongara imports and got really interested in what good qualities they passed.

I will always be greatly indebted to Mrs. Susan Coe (Akuaba) for letting me import the very first Avongara Basenji into Europe and I must say that "Woody" (Avongara Sineri) was the best possible spokesperson for Avongara Basenjis. He has managed to win the hearts of all those who have met him. My journey with Avongaras has only just begun, but already now I can say that I will continue with it and see where it leads me.

Avongara Sineri with his kids, Zaida and Tikru

My other interest has been British Basenjis in which I see qualities that have unfortunately been lost in several other countries: old-fashioned heads, straight backs and strong rear ends - without exaggeration! And my love for this type could not have been better rewarded than by Chaanrose Parting Shot ("Jallu") bred by the renowed breeder, Ms. Rosie Lane! Jallu came to us for breeding purposes and already now has he thrown exactly those qualities that I so much wished to have. 

Chaanrose Parting Shot (Jallu)

After these two imports I decided that I needed to widen my breeding pool, and imported a lovely tri bitch from Australia. With little Trixie (Manyatta Novas Surprise), bred by Mr. Gordon McIntyre, I got perfect tricolour colouring and superb movements, in addition to an interesting genetic cocktail! And our latest import is from the USA , Little Hugo (C-Quest Rhythm Riots Behukai), bred by Cindy and Victor Ayala. I am very grateful to Pam Geoffroy and Sheila Lund at Eldorado Basenjis for their help and support throughout these years and in letting me have Hugo! Hugo has bloodlines of 7/15 Avongara, which strengthens our own Avongara breedings.

And then, there is always my foundation bitch, the ever-gluttonous Safi (Sharaba Safi Bandia), bred by Mrs. Hannele Laakso (Sharaba). Safi's bloodlines consist of old British Bokoto and Horsley lines. Thank you, Hannele, for Safi!!