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Novial – a Constructed International Auxiliary Language

Novial is a language constructed by the Danish linguist Otto Jespersen (1860-1943). Its goal is to be used as an international auxiliary language for universal communication between speakers of different native languages. Its vocabulary comes from Romance languages and Germanic languages (including English). The grammar of Novial has been considerably influenced by English.

Novial is more natural than Esperanto, published in 1887, but compared to Interlingua, it resembles less natural languages and is a little bit more regular. Interlingua is a constructed language that resembles Romance languages. It is like a "Proto-Romance language" but more simple.

Novial was first introduced in Jespersen's book An International Language in 1928. The dictionary, Novial Lexike, was published two years later.

The name of the language comes from the Novial word 'nov' that stands for 'new' in English, and from an abbreviation that is derived from the expression International Auxiliari Lingue, which means, of course, International Auxiliary Language.

On my blog Volanti bareles ("Flying Barrels") I write in Novial, or my own dialect I have developed. I call it Hesperum. The name of my blog is a tribute to the American-made fighter plane Brewster F2A "Buffalo", that the Finnish Airforce pilots managed to use very efficiently in the Continuation War against the Soviet Union Red Airforce. I have heard that the American pilots didn't like the plane much.

And, as you should know, The Continuation War began shortly after the end of the Winter War. Winter War (1939-1940, about three months) began, when the Soviet Union attacked Finland without being provoked and founded a new "government" for Finland. Anyway, the peace terms were drastically heavy to Finland. That is why, the Continuation War (1941-1944) began.

The Soviet Union was able to attack Finland in 1939 because three months earlier it had reached a mutually beneficial treaty with the Nazi-Germany.

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PS. Here on my web pages I have published, in Finnish, the Grammar of Novial and a Novial-Finnish Dictionary. You can find them here and here. My contact information you can find here.

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